Paper Embellished Clay Pendants

These beautiful paper adorned clay pendants are simple to make, and easily customizable for special keepsakes.  Whip up several in an afternoon and use up your paper scraps and stray beads in the process.  Follow my step by step tutorial, adding you own twists!   Supplies: Black … [Read more...]

Easy Clay Image Transfer

Of all the image transfer techniques out there, this simple method is my favorite for it's ease and effectiveness.  Make your own beautiful keepsake pendants, charms, ornaments, home decor and more in just a few steps anyone can follow.  You don't need to be a clay expert for this process.  Grab … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Father’s Day Keychain Tutorial

This tutorial covers incorporating an image into a polymer clay keychain, making great personal gifts.  Total time is about 45 minutes.  The project is easy and perfect for those new to the world of polymer clay. … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Backed Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial

I love the look of glass tile pendants, but not so much the lack of backing. Most tutorials I have found have you seal back of the paper with whatever adhesive you used on the image to stick it on the glass tile. That leaves you attaching a bail to the sealed paper backing. I made one of these and … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay and Resin Pendant Tips

I ran out of glass tiles and wanted to make some pendants, so I decided to use polymer clay as the base, and dome some 2 part epoxy resin over the images for a glass like effect.  Some tips:Condition the clay (I used black for some pendants and gold for others) and roll it through the pasta … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Day 93: Faith Paper Clay Pendant

I despise flash on my camera, which is what I get for waiting til dark to photograph today's clay creation; a washed out version of the real deal. That said, FAITH is one of my favorite words.Jesus had a thing or 2 to say about it.Whenever Jesus begins with the phrase "I tell you the truth", some … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Day 92: Serenity Paper Clay Pendant

I never knew what serenity was, much less that I was missing it, until I began to rely upon God. That happened right around the time I turned 30. Now I crave serenity and when the chaos of life steals it away, I seek God to restore me to peace. It usually involves a change in perspective. My … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Day 91: Courage Swirl Pendant

This attribute is so indispensable in reaching one's full potential. There are changes that I feel in the deepest parts of myself would free me from being less than I was created to be if I had the courage to make them. Fear keeps me from acting. I pray for courage and to hear God's voice so … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Day 90: Trust Pendant

Back to clay after a bottle cap pendant adventure. Still playing with paper on clay. I think this effect is adorable. On the topic of trust, the Bible tells us much...Psalm 9:10Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.Psalm 20:7Some trust … [Read more...]

Polymer Clay Day 89: Create Pendant

Loving paper + clay!! I am making several pendants for a convention Saturday, where I will be selling my handmade treasures. This one is coated with Krylon Triple Thick. I love it's hard, shiny glass-like effect. There are several candidates that work well for producing the same look, but I am … [Read more...]