Over 50 DIY Projects Using Old Maps

[pinit] [pinit] Do you love old maps?  Well if so, today's round-up is going to make you dance and celebrate.  If not that, you will at least find some inspiration in super cool things to make with old maps.  Here is a collection of over 50 of the best projects "on the map"!  Enjoy, and as always, … [Read more...]

Make a DIY Terrarium Necklace

[pinit][pinit] This tiny little treasure is easy to make and takes just minutes.  I found a new to me product from Tim Holtz called Corked Domes and knew immediately that I would be making a terrarium pendant with them.  There is glass drilling required, but do not fear.  You can do it, no problem. … [Read more...]

Microwave Kiln Fused Dichroic Jewelry DIY

[pinit] [pinit] Can you believe these fused dichroic glass pieces can be made in your microwave in 3 minutes?  I showed you these fused glass dichroic wire wrapped earrings a few weeks back, and I have pretty much been at it ever since.  I have upgraded to an electric kiln for bigger projects, but … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial – DIY Gorgeous Soldered Pendants + GIVEAWAY

[pinit} [pinit] UPDATE:  WE HAVE A WINNER!  Do you love the look of soldered jewelry, but feel totally intimidated by that hot freaking iron and molten metal?  My creative friend Hope is here to break it down for us in a detailed How to Solder Jewelry video that demystifies the process and will … [Read more...]

Tips to Fast, Mess Free, DIY Glass Tile Pendants

[pinit]  [pinit] If you have ever made glass or acrylic tile pendants, you probably know that it is more involved than it looks.  About 2 years ago, I need to make a slew of these, and decided to run my images that I wanted to adhere to the pendant through Xyron's Create-a-Sticker Machine.  I … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart Mother’s Day Etched Glass Pendants

[pinit] [pinit]   Today brings a fun, simple Mother's Day gift DIY using Martha Stewart Crafts glass etching cream to create customized glass tile pendants!  As I mentioned Monday when I showed you my doily etched wine bottles, this etching cream is simply amazing.  No glass is safe around … [Read more...]

How to Make Soldered Pendants

[pinit] I have wanted to learn to solder for years.  I sold some handmade necklaces in the past, and had issues with the jumprings opening and the pendant falling off the chain.  The best solution I could find was soldering the rings closed, so I picked up a soldering iron and it sat in the closet … [Read more...]

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial With Tips and Images

Today, I am happy to share with you a glass tile pendant tutorial from Irina at Irina's Cute Box.  These tutorials are abundant in the creative blog world.  Irina shares her version incorporating a bezel setting.  She uses the same jewelry component supplier as I do, Sun and Moon Kits on Etsy.  … [Read more...]

Wire Wrap a Pendant With Video

To continue with our recent jewelry making obsession, today's post will cover this gorgeous wire wrapping technique.   You do not need wire wrapping experience to be able to pull this off.  The example shown here is a rectangular glass tile, but you can apply the lesson to virtually any pendant or … [Read more...]

Glue Free, Drill Free Way to Hang Pendants

Making a wire wrap bail  is a decorative, inexpensive way to attach pendants that eliminates the need for messy glue-on bails and hole drilling.  The look is intricate and ornate, and can be achieved quite simply with a few basic jewelry supplies.  This is a perfect way to bail glass tile and domino … [Read more...]