50 Plus Gorgeous DIY Flowers to Make

50 Plus DIY Paper Flower Tutorials @savedbyloves[pinit]

Whether you are decorating for a DIY Wedding, spring our summer party, or simply want to make your space more beautiful, this roundup of DIY paper flower tutorials is a great place to start!  We have gathered our 50+ favorite handmade paper flowers from all around, and you are sure to find what you need to add some zero maintenance, everlasting floral decor to any occasion.  Enjoy!

50 Plus DIY Outdoor Project Tutorials to Make

[pinit]50 Best DIY Outdoor Projects @savedbyloves #outdoorliving[pinit]

Don’t you just love the arrival of spring and summer?!  It is especially welcome after a long harsh winter like the one we have endured, and decorating outdoors is a privilege!  Today I am sharing over 50 of the best DIY Outdoor LIving Projects from around the creative globe.  You will find DIY outdoor furniture, lighting, upcycle projects, decor and more.  If you have a stellar project that we missed, send us a link so we can include you.  Happy outdoor decorating!

50 Plus Awesome Wood Shim DIY Projects



50 DIY Wood Shim Projects to Make


Wood shims are inexpensive and can be used to create gorgeous DIY home decor.  Make faux pallet art, cover an ugly thrift store dresser, create a designer starburst mirror on a shoe string budget.  Here are 50+ of the best DIY wood shim project tutorials from creatives everywhere.  If we missed your project, send us a link so we can include you!  Enjoy.

Over 50 Amazing DIY Spray Paint Projects to Make


One of my favorite things about the arrival of spring is finally being able to go outdoors and get busy with spray paint projects!  The time is here, and today I am sharing with you my favorite DIY spray paint projects from creatives everywhere.  You will find DIY curtains, home decor, wearables and more.  Be ready to be amazed at what you can do with a little spray paint and inspiration.

50+ Awesome Upcycled Lamps and Chandeliers to Make

[pinit]50 Plus Best DIY Upcycle Lamps and Chandeliers to make @savedbyloves[pinit]

Today I am shedding some light on how to upcycle your junk into super sweet recycled lighting.  From cameras to books to whisks and more, you will see lamps and chandeliers being made from all sorts of unlikely objects.  If you have a DIY lamp project made from recycled materials that you would like to share, email me or comment below!  Enjoy, and keep shining.

Over 50 Popcorn Treats to Make

[pinit]50 Plus Best Popcorn Recipes @savedbyloves[pinit]

Popcorn… yum!  This house consumes it’s share of this versatile treat, that is for sure.  Did you know popcorn has only 33 calories per cup?  Well, not when you combine it with things like chocolate, peanut butter and caramel, but it is healthier than other things you might combine with these ingredients!  Here are 50+ tasty popcorn recipes to try.  Enjoy!

Over 50 Amazing Spring Decor Ideas

[pinit]50 Amazing Spring Decor ideas @savedbyloves[pinit]

This has been one long, cold and snowy winter.  Are you ready for spring?  Today I am sharing 50 of the best DIY spring decorating projects out there.  I hope you are inspired to usher in the spring.   It is coming, truly!

The 50 Plus Best Scrap Fabric Project Tutorials


The 50+ Best Scrap Fabric Crafts @savedbyloves[pinit]

If you are anything like me, you have fabric scraps that are so beautiful and you just can part with them.  Well, what to do?  Today I am sharing the 50 best scrap fabric project tutorials my search revealed.  You can make anything from fabric scrap home decor to jewelry, shoes and more.  Many of these are great last minute gift ideas as well.  Happy scrap busting!

The 50 Best DIY Mirror Projects Ever Made


50 Best DIY Mirros Upcycled Recycled and Eco Friendly Decor with Mirrors @savedbyloves[pinit]

Have you ever been to a house with no mirrors? Yep, we all use them. Today I am sharing my favorite DIY mirrors, upcycles, hacks and revamps from the most creative people gracing the blog world.  You will be amazed.  It helps you look good, so help it do the same.  If breaking it brings bad luck, maybe beautifying it will land you that winning lottery ticket!  If not, you are left with a cool mirror that you made.  Everyone wins.  Enjoy!

60+ Ways to Decorate Your Home With Letters and Numbers

[pinit]60+ Ways to Use Numbers and Letters in Home Decor @savedbyloves[pinit]
Numbers and letters in decor are everywhere, and there is a good reason. They look awesome. That simple. Today I am sharing over 60 ways to incorporate handmade and vintage letters & numbers of all styles into your living space.  As always, if I missed a project you think would fit into this collection, send me a link!  Enjoy.