DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Door Bats & $100 Giveaway

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As you may know, Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to go for creative project supplies.  I love wandering through the aisles letting my imagination run wild with ideas.  Just recently, I discovered Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club, which is packed with crafts, recipes, décor, tips, contests, insider information, frugal fun ideas, and other awesomeness.   You can join too, for free, and get a chance to win a $20 Dollar Tree gift card!   You will never run out of seasonal inspiration, as the creative content changes each month.  Just pick out a project, print the project sheet or save it to your phone, and then use it as your shopping list in the store!  Today I am sharing how I created this bat door using Dollar Tree supplies and a bat template I found while browsing the fun Halloween projects.  It is super simple and it cost just $3.

***I received compensation for this post.  All opinions are mine and honest!


Dollar Tree Craft Halloween

You can use Dollar Tree black poster board, construction paper or foam sheets for your bats; For the number of bats I made, I used 2 sheets of poster board

Scissors or Die cut machine with software you can use to cut imported images

Bat Template Available at Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club

Printer unless you are using die cut machine

Clear tape



Dollar Tree Crafts

Download and print the bat template from Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club “Front Door Bat Printable” project, or download and open in your die cut machine’s software.  I used Sure Cuts A Lot (which I don’t think is available anymore) and my Cricut machine.

DIY Dollar Store Bat Silhouettes

If not using die cut machine, cut out the bats on the free template with scissors,tape to your black poster board and cut around them to create your bats.

How to Decorate for Halloween

Tape your bats to the door and enjoy!

I love the look and the simplicity of this project.  Join Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club for it, and tons more inspiration!

$100 Dollar Tree gift card giveaway

Want to win $100 from Dollar Tree?  Sign up for Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and leave me a comment below this post telling me which project you want to try if you win!  Good luck.

Here are some other great projects inspired by Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club:



  1. The Boo Bat Treat Holders would be a fun one to make. I joined the club and am looking forward to new inspiration.

  2. Christine says:

    I just joined, thanks for telling us about this site. I really love the Table Lights by the Sea. I can see myself using this ideas for several purposes! In case you don’t know the Dollar Tree will order items for you. I got most of the decorations for my daughter’s wedding from Dollar Tree.

  3. I want to make the Tea Lights by the Sea

  4. I signed up for the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club. I would like to make some glittered pumpkins.

  5. Sandy Lewis says:

    I joined and I love your project. I want to make the glittered/studded pumpkin!

  6. I’m planning to make the Witch’s Finger Cookies with my niece and nephew!

  7. I signed up. Great ideas! I like the Front Door Bat.

  8. Signed up and would really enjoy doing the door bats for the kiddos

  9. I signed up for the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and I would like to make the popsicle stick pumpkins.

  10. Susan Christy says:

    I’m a member and will be making the Spooky Apothecary Jars.

  11. Glass jar monster faces. Now, why didn’t I think of that? I have a ton of their glass jars and I never do anything more clever than change out what surrounds the candles (sand, bird seed, coffee beans, etc.)

  12. I signed up for the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club and love the boo bat treat holders idea. How fun and what a great treasure trove of ideas. Thanks!

  13. I signed up to receive the Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club newsletter with my email
    The Monster Luminaries are my favorite, they are so cute and easy to do.

  14. Hi….I signed up and I want to try the ‘table lights by the Sea’. Living in Fl. I am always looking for pretty lights that have that aqua color to keep the Sea around the house. These will be perfect….and they look easy too! 😉
    Thanks so much for your posts…..I love your site…..always filled with so much info and FUN inspiration! Yahoo!

  15. I would love to win but plan to make these door bats this weekend with our son! Super cute!

  16. I signed up as slrdowney at hotmail dot com
    I like the washi covered notebook and pencil.

  17. I signed up for the club and I’d like to try the spooky apothecary jars project.

  18. ellen casper says:

    Boo Bat Treat Holders are super cute – thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I like the bat idea.

  20. Spooky Apothecary Jars are so cool. I signed up and i like this craft


  21. Hi, If I won the gift card, I would love to try to make the terririums…I love plants and it looks fun to make them, thank you,

  22. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I love the different uses for washi tape that is shown! I wish our dollar tree carried it, but I’ve already checked!

  23. These are some really fun and easy Halloween ideas. I actually would like to try the door hanging bats and the glittered pumpkin.

  24. Kerra Shaffer says:

    I would love to try the bat craft idea! I signed up with my email

  25. I joined! I would love to make the glittered pumpkins!!

  26. I signed up and like the washi tape covered notebook and pencil.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  27. I joined the club and I’d love to make the spooky apothecary jars.

  28. I joined! i would love to try the bats too! my kids would love that!

  29. Ashley Tucker says:

    I joined..I would like to make glittered pumpkins

  30. I’d try the witch finger cookies.

  31. I love the bat idea. My girls would love it!

  32. I’d love to make the Spooky Apothecary Jars. So cute!

  33. glittered pumpkins

  34. Kirsten hoy says:

    Just signed up. Would love to do the glittered pumpkins !

  35. I joined! 😀

    I want to try the bats.

  36. These bats are adorable! I did join. I can’t wait for more cheap inspirations!!

  37. I joined and want to try the Door Bats!

  38. Lauren Lamoureux says:

    I joined and I think the spooky jars are adorable

  39. Trisha Brickell says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of Christmas inspiration I find

  40. Kristin draper says:

    Signed up and so excited! I can’t believe all the possibilities! We are going to do the glow stick ring toss and the monster jars!!

  41. Karen Huston says:

    I love the glass jar monster faces!

  42. Linda Paradis says:

    Love the bats they are my favorites

  43. Mary Ferguson says:

    I’d like to try the glittered pumpkin craft along with the bat door one :)

  44. Jessie Rose says:

    If I won I would use it to decorate for Christmas. We had to move across country the week before last Christmas and so we never got to decorate last year. And we couldn’t bring everything with us on the move. Decorations were one thing that was sacrificed. We were gifted a new tree last month so if I win my project would be to deck it out to make up for last year. I think my kids would really love helping make and recreate new ornaments.

  45. I love the glass jar monster faces project! Everything on this website is so great! So many “why didn’t i think of that!” moments. lol

  46. I would love to make a few of the paper bag popcorn turkeys! The kids would go crazy over them.

  47. Teresa Kreachbaum says:

    I love the bat goody holders and the Spooky Apothecary Jars! Oh and just about everything else.

  48. sharon gullikson says:

    I LOVE bats, so I’d love to make the bat project!

  49. I made bejeweled glass covers, using glass globs from Dollar Tree, I used them to cover my solar lights in the garden.

  50. I signed up. I would love to make the witch finger cookies & the Spooky Apothecary Jars. Thank you!

  51. Dana Matthews says:

    I signed up using….I do think I will try the door bats project with my great nieces this afternoon…looks fun!

  52. I really like the glass jar Monster Faces! My kids would love these!

  53. stacie barth says:

    Boo Bats! How cute are those!?

  54. the popsicle stick pumpkins are adorable

  55. The Bats are adorable.

  56. Stephanie Tyler says:

    I want to do the bats in the door, but I want to put them in my living room window. They would look so awesome there!

  57. Carrie Penny says:

    I just joined up and I would love to make the labled jars of poison.

  58. I like the green fingers. A lot of the page wouldn’t load so I didn’t see everything. Do love all the bats on the door.

  59. I want to do the “personal pilgrim napkin rings”. I have an in home family child care and we LOVE Dollar Tree! Our number 1 shopping spot! I love for the kids to have a craft project that they will be proud of and Dollar Tree makes that happen!

  60. I love the bats!!!

  61. I signed up and would love to try the Fall Leaves Wreath.

  62. Stephanie says:

    I would like to try the glass jar monster faces!!

  63. Karren McIntire says:

    I have signed up and thank you for.letting us know about this website! I love the paper bag popcorn turkeys! Perfect for the holidays and family movie nights!

  64. I love the paper bag pumpkins. l like the ide of using recycled grocery paper bags. I was thinking of putting treats in there and decorate them for Thanksgiving. Have a count down to Thanksgiving. In there with something to be Thankful for. :)


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