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Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj

Hi there SBLC friends!  Amy from Plucking Daisies here to share a Butterfly Necklace tutorial with you.  I created this Necklace using art metals and patinas from Vintaj.  This was my first time playing with Vintaj Patinas and I’m so excited to share what I discovered along the way!
how to make jewelry with vintaj
Generally I am not much of a Jewelry maker.  If I have to open more than a few jump rings I get squeamish so fear not this jewelry tutorial will be relatively easy.  I completed this project in about an hour and had a lot of fun doing it and I think you will too.
There were a lot of good sales in the jewelry section of my local craft store this week and I wanted to try something new.  I grabbed a few pieces from the Vintaj collection and this multi-strand chain from Industrial Chic to use as the base of my necklace design.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
I fell in love with this Vintaj butterfly and decided to try the Vintaj Patinas out to add some color to it.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
Start by adding Vintaj Patinas with a paint brush.  Allow Patina to dry between coats.  You can experiment by layering different colors on top of one another or mixing them together on a craft sheet.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
After coloring my butterfly with Vintaj Patinas I added highlights to the wings with Snow Cap Alcohol Ink using a q-tip.   I layered on several other colors of Alcohol Ink (with q-tips ) to the outer edges of the wings as well.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
Once the Alcohol inks were dry I tore a small piece of cotton from the end of a clean q-tip and wrapped it around the end of a toothpick.  By squeezing a few drops of Pitch Black Alcohol Ink on my craft sheet I was able to use the tooth pick to add bold details to the butterfly.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
When the detailing was finished I gave the butterfly the once over and touched up areas that needed more Alcohol Ink.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
Using a soft file I removed some of the ink from the raised areas and edges of the butterfly to bring out a lovely metallic sheen.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
This was my Inspiration photo.  Pretty close eh?  You can find this inspiring photo and more on my Doodle Diva Pinboard.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
To create the necklace I used a bead board to measure the Industrial Chic chain.  It was just a touch short so I added some chain from my stash and attached it with Vintaj Jump rings.  So far Vintaj Jump rings are the best I’ve ever seen!  So sturdy and easy to work with!
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
Here I have attached toggle clasps to the end of the chain with Vintaj jump rings.  When it comes to clasps for jewelry I’m a huge fan of the toggle clasp.  I always struggle with lobster clasps and have found that toggles make putting on jewelry a breeze.
Make a Butterfly Necklace with Vintaj
Now all that’s left to do is attach that freshly Patina-d Vintaj butterfly with…you guessed it…Vintaj jumprings.
I hope you get a chance to play with Vintaj Patinas and create some fun jewelry pieces of your own.
Wear your art with pride 🙂

Easy 10 Minute Chain Bracelet Tutorial

Make Easy Chain Bracelets in 10 minutes #jewelrymaking @savedbyloves

These trendy mixed metal chain bracelets are a cinch to make, and are a great way to use up those links left over from other jewelry projects.  Mix and match as you please.  Scoop up costume jewelry and vintage pieces to dismantle and incorporate into your own custom, stylish bracelet.  Make some for yourself and give them as gifts.  Embellish with charms and fibers for unlimited design options!  I will show you how.

DIY Bracelet Tutorial


Jewelry Making Supplies


2 pairs of jewelry pliers, flat or needle nose

Several lengths of chain about an inch shorter than you want your final bracelet to be

2 8-10mm jumprings and a length of chain to make bracelet adjustable


Opening and closing jump rings

Open jump ring with both pairs of pliers and add one end of each chain to the jump ring.  Add clasp then close jump ring with both pairs of pliers.  Pic above shows jump ring still open.

DIY Mixed Metal Braclets

Repeat on the other end with the 2nd jump ring, attaching a 1.5 inch length of chain for the adjustable length connector.  That is what the clasp will grab when fastening the bracelet.

Use jump rings to attach charms.  Tie coordinating fiber scraps to large jump ring where all the chains meet.

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Repurposed Cart to DIY Jewelry Storage

[pinit]How to make a DIY Jewlery Holder from a repurposed cart @savedbyloves[pinit]

There are tons of cool ways to make your own jewelry holders using the most random of objects.  I shared a roundup with you not long ago – 50+ DIY Jewelry Display Ideas – with some of my favorite ways to store your bling.  Today I am excited to share my jewelry storage solution using a cool rusty cart given to me by a friend.  I saw it in her barn and lit up, immediately picturing bracelets and earrings dangling from the  naturally aged, patina wire grid.  She was happy to part with it, and I am equally thrilled with my awesome antique display.  This project took a whopping 5 minutes.

DIY Jewlery DIsplay Tutorial at Saved By Love Creations

How to make a jewlery display

I sprayed the cart with the water hose to removed the cobwebs and other debris.  Then I wiped it down with a lint free, soapy, wet cloth.  This was mainly to get rid of loose stuff.  I love the rust, and wasn’t trying to get rid of that!

Krylon Crystal Clear Flat Finish

I spray 3 coats of Krylon Crystal Clear, which I had on hand for sealing polymer clay pieces.  This was to protect my jewelry from the rust on the cart.  I let that dry and it was good to go!

How to Make DIY Jewelry Storage

Need some jewelry to put on your new display?  Got you covered:

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Ice Resin Bezel Pendant Tutorial

Making Jewelry With ICE Resin and Susan Lenart Kazmer Iced Enamels @savedbyloves

I have shared several resin tutorials with you, trying out the various types available.  ICE resin is quickly becoming my favorite.  It is easy to use, and hardens to a strong, clear, glass-like finish.  Today’s project is a fun bezel resin pendant using Susan Lenart Kazmer’s papers, Iced Enamels and ICE Resin.  You can find everything I used for this piece at your local Hobby Lobby.

Resin Jewelry Tutorial


Iced Enamels:  Shattered Fire Opal

ICE Resin

Spellbinders Bezel

Tim Holtz Word Stickers






Popsicle stick and cup for mixing resin

Sealant such as Mod Podge or Embossing medium


How to make a Bezel Pendant

Place your bezel over the part of the image you want and trace with permanent marker.

ICE Resin Tutorial

Place word stickers where you want.

Susan Lenart Kazmer Iced Enamels

Seal image and word stickers with embossing medium or Mod Podge and dry with heat tool.  This protects the image from the resin, which can darken it if not sealed.

Iced Enamels Shattered Fire Opal

Sprinkle in Shattered Fire Opal Iced Enamels, or glitter or other mica powder.  Anything sparkly will do!

ICE Resin Projects

 Drip resin into bezel using popsicle stick until it domes.  Be careful not to overfill!

How to Make a Resin Pendant

Let dry 6-12 hours, attach chain and charm.  Enjoy your awesome, custom resin jewelry.

Resin Pendant Jewelry Tutorial

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50 Plus Repurposed Dresser Projects to Make


50+ ways to repurpose old dressers #DIY #HomeDecor @savedbyloves


If you liked last week’s 50+ Ways to Repurpose Old Doors, you are in for a treat today. We have gathered 50+ ways to repurpose dressers! From Vanities to organizers to benches and more, you will see ways to transform that chest of drawers into an entirely new creation. If you have a project you think fits that we missed, send us the link. Enjoy!

Flea Market Vintage Table and Chairs Revamp

[pinit]Flea Market Vintage Table Makeover[pinit]

There’s not much better than a good flea market find revamping, which is what I am sharing with you today.  This fantastic formica topped, chrome legged vintage table cost a whopping $19 at a local flea market.  Why such a steal?  There was some work to be done to reveal the beauty you see before you!

Removing rust from metal table legs

This was the state of the legs to start.  I had never tried to remove rust from chrome.  Off to the hardware store I went.

How to Remove Rust from Chrome

I found this Rust Stain Remover by Whink.  It worked like a charm, and was just a few bucks.  I just wiped the legs to get rid of any loose dirt with a damp cloth.  I squirted a small amount of the Whink on the yellow side of the sponge, which I had dampened with water.  Wipe it on the legs and scrub with green scouring side.  Watch the rust vanish!

How to Get Rust off of Table Legs

I cleaned the top of the table with countertop cleaner and the table was good to go.  Now I needed seating.

Remove Seat Pads

I found these junky gold-ish metal chairs with perfect aqua, sparkly seat pads that would accent my red/aqua kitchen color scheme.  I decided to spray paint them to match the chrome table legs.  First step was removing the seat pads, which was simple with a pair of pliers.  Phew!

Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint and Metal Primer

Now time to prime and paint.  I went with Clean Metal Primer and Metallic Silver Rustoleum Sprays.

Primer for Metal Chairs

I wiped the chairs down with a damp cloth and sprayed with primer.

How to Revamp Flea Market Chairs

After primer dried (about 15 minutes) I sprayed with the metallic silver, 3 light coats.  When that dried, I replaced the pads to finish.

Formica and Chrome Vintage Table Restoration

I am a little smitten on my flea market mix n’ match dinette set.  It is perfect in my new kitchen, with all of its vintage charm.  All off this cost about $60, spray paint included!  Never bypass a good deal because of rust, or the wrong color.  Use your imagination, and you can make it exactly what you want.

Make a Repurposed Door TV Console

[pinit]Repurposed Door Upcycle Project; Make a console from an old door @savedbyloves[pinit]

Last week when I shared with you 50+ Ways to Repurpose Old Doors, I alluded to the fact that I had a project in mind for the door I found recently on the curb.  It was initially going to be a coffee table, but this t.v. console fit my current needs better, so I made the sides a little taller and here you have it.  This project is super easy, free except for the rockin’ 6 inch diameter casters, and you can whip it up in an after noon, stain, sealer and all.  I will show you just how to do that!


I found this guy stacked against a dumpster and threw it in my truck!  Best day ever.

How to upcycle an old door

I brought her home and cut into thirds with my table saw.  I just measured and marked so the sides would be equal height.  The first step was attaching the two smaller parts for sides to the larger segment (which would become the top of the console).  I used my go to connector tool, Kreg Jig.  You can read about how to join using Kreg in my DIY Pallet Sign Using Kreg Jig Tutorial.

How to build a console

To finish the building, I cut a piece of plywood to fit as the base of the console, attached the casters which I got at Menards, and added trim from 1×2 furring strips that I mitered.

Minwax Finishing Cloths

I recently discovered Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths.  Love at first wipe.  Dark Mahogany was the perfect color for my living room where this console would be spending its days.

How to Stain Furniture

I was actually going to paint this whole thing!  I am so glad I went with stain instead.  It took me like 5 minutes to do since the door was already stained.  I went over it in spots and stained the trim and plywood base.  Check out more of my obsession with thoughts on Minwax Finishing Cloths in this DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard Tutorial!

Reclaimed Wood DIY Headboard

Repurposed Door Console

How to Make an Entertainment Center

Old door to console

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Tons of Dollar Store Craft & Decor Projects to Make

[pinit]Over 90 Dollar Store Crafts to Make with 2 Roundups @savedbyloves[pinit]

If I know my sweet readers at all, I know you love dollar store crafts as much as I do.

Last year I rounded up over 60 Dollar Store Craft Projects, and you asked for more.  Well, you got it, thanks to DIYCOZYHOME.  Check out their 27 Dollar Store Projects roundup.  Between the 2 collections, you have 90 projects to keep you fabulous on a dime, or dollar!

How to Distress Furniture With Vasoline

[pinit]Distressed Painted Table

Did you know that Vasoline petroleum jelly is a fantastic ingredient for distressing furniture?  It is true.  The technique is simple and fast.  Today I am sharing how I took this chevron painted table I shared with you in a previous tutorial, and used Vasoline to create a chippy, funky distressed piece to go with my new living room.

Distressed Furniture Tutorials

I needed a coffee table to go with my urban-modern-distressed-vintage-eclectic decor style in progress.  You will be seeing reveals as I decorate in my new home.  I am into yellow, gray, orange poppy, turqouise, emerald green, navy blue and vintage white these days.  My living room kinda has a little of all of these, with yellow, gray and turquoise dominating the stage.

Paint a Chevron Coffee Table with @DecoArt_Inc @savedbyloves

I revamped this roadside find last week, thinking it would be the perfect coffee table for the living room.  Well, it wasn’t.

Pantone Emerald Green Valspar

I decided to apply Vasoline to the areas of the table I wanted to look “chippy”, then paint with homemade chalk finish paint (see how to make chalk paint yourself in my barnwood frame tutorial).  Valspar’s Pantone Emerald was the perfect color!  I picked it up at Lowe’s.

Distressing Furniture Tutorial

Once the paint dried, I just took my scraper to the areas where I had applied the Vasoline and the it peeled right off, revealing the colors in the chevron stripes.  I love the effect!  It looks so cool with the random colors.

Martha Stewart Decoupage copyOnce I was happy with the amount of scraping, I sealed the piece with Martha Stewart’s Antique Finish Decoupage Medium.  It was my first time using the stuff and it gives a subtle warm antique feel to the piece.

Distressing a Table

Stay tuned for more DIY home decor as I settle into my new place!