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Easy, Quick Fabric Bracelet Tutorial @savedloves

Make a fabric Necklace and Bracelet

I had the pleasure of attending a DIY blogger conference, Haven, in Atlanta over this past weekend.  I could write for days about the awesomeness of that whole experience, but that is not what this post is about.  While there, my friend Jessica from Mom4Real was sporting a cool necklace that I photographed and knocked off.  This is a super fast and easy project.  I used a sewing machine, but I will tell you how to make it the no sew way.


How to make Upcycled jewelry

Fabric Scraps

Fabric Scissors

Wooden Beads 2 Sizes

Beacon Fabri-Tac


Make a dollar store bracelet

You can use old t-shirts, old sheets, any fabric piece you can think of, really.  I used fat quarters and the above picture shows a headband I found at Dollar Tree.  The cool thing about using that is it is already a tube, so I didn’t have to sew or use liquid stitch.  If you use fabric not already in a tube, just cut a rectangle about 14-16 inches (depending on how long you want your necklace or bracelet).  Sew into a tube inside out, then flip right side out.

how to make a knotted bracelet


 Tie a knot like above, put bead, tie another knot and continue until it is as long as you like.  I use an odd number of beads so there is a central one.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Pick out coordinating ribbon and cut to length you want.

Jewelry Tutorial

Sew on ribbon to each end or adhere with Fabri-tac.  I use clothespins to apply pressure.  Fabri-Tac dries super fast and is basically hot glue in a bottle, but not hot :)


For some of the bracelets, I just used the end fabric to tie them instead of adding ribbon.

SUPER EASY, and adorable, I must say.

Fabric Scrap Bracelet Tutorial


  1. Woot woot! You go girl!!!! I’m making some more too. It is honestly my favorite necklace. I’m so glad you shared the love with your readers!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I do a version of these with my classes. We stitch a long tube of fabric by machine (great for my first time sewers) and then use marbles inside the tube with pony beads in-between marbles outside the tube. Easy project that the kids love.

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