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Make Washi Tape Jewelry and Charms

Easy Washi Tape Earrings

Today’s project is a fun, inexpensive earring tutorial using washi tape, wire and Dimensional Magic by Mod Podge.  I am in love with these.  I wore them on a recent getaway and got so many compliments.  A random lady in a boutique ordered a pair when I told her I made them!  Think about all the washi tape prints and colors.  You could make a pair for every outfit or occasion.  You can use them as charms for embellishing paper crafts, cards, and jewelry projects of all kinds.

Let’s get started!



Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Circle punch or other shape you want for your charms (you could also cut by hand)

Washi Tape

White Card Stock

Dremel for creating hole or glue on bail (hanging mechanism)

Jewelry Wire – I used 20 gauge copper artistic wire and 20 gauge artistic wire silver coated

Wire cutter

Round nose and flat nose pliers

Make easy Washi Tape Earrings with Mod Podge and a circle punch! @savedbyloves


Make easy Washi Tape Crafts Earrings with Mod Podge and a circle punch! @savedbyloves

Apply tape to front and back or card stock.  Line strips of tape up so that there is no space between them.  Line up patterns for seamless look if your hole punch is bigger than the width of the tape.  Punch out shapes.

Make easy Washi Tape Earrings with Mod Podge and a circle punch! @savedbyloves4

Lay shapes on flat, protect surface.  I like to use this spikey tray I got at Michaels (pretty sure it is Martha Stewart).  That way if I put too much Dimensional Magic on, it will runs off the side and collect in the bottom of the tray, sparing my piece from becoming a big blob.  Apply Dimensional Magic starting in the center, then pulling out to the edge of the shape with the tip of the bottle.  Let sit for about 20 minutes, then come back and remove any air bubbles with a toothpick or with your fingernail.  Then let dry overnight, flip them over and do the other side.  If you want a flat side, you can just brush on Mod Podge with a brush to seal instead of doming both sides.

Make easy Washi Tape Earrings with Mod Podge and a circle punch! @savedbyloves

Use as charms, make earrings, magnets, embellish your paper crafts and more.

I played with wire using a jig from Bead Landing.  I plan on sharing a tutorial on making your own earring findings like I did for these.

Check out some more things to make with washi tape by clicking the thumbnails below:

Washi Tape Rosette  Earring Tutorial

50+ Washi Tape Projects to Make

Make a Paper Daffodil Bouquet and Mason Jar Vase

Learn to make a gorgeous Paper Daffodil Bouquet #sizzix and painted #masonjar vase


As soon as I saw the new daffodil Sizzix die by Susan Tierney Cockburn, I knew a bouquet was in my future.  Mother’s Day brought just the occasion.  Today I am sharing Susan’s video detailing how to make the flower, then how I added stems to make this lovely daffodil bouquet in a mason jar vase.

how to make paper flowers

You will need:

Yellow cardstock – I used Coordinations in various yellows and even tried a crepe paper daffodil which I found to be to annoying to do more than once.  You can see the lone crepe flower in the upper left of the above pic.

Sizzix Susan Tierney Daffodil die

 Daffodil Sizzix die by Susan Tierney Cockburn

Doily Lace Medallion Sizzix Die by Eileen Hull

Mason Jar with Lid

Craft Glue

Susan’s Garden Tool Kit

Floral wire

Green Floral tape

Hot glue gun

Flat nose or round nose Pliers


Make each daffodil as shown in Susan’s video.  Don’t add the leaves just yet.

Adding Stem to Finished Flower

how to make a paper flower bouquet

Bend wire to 90° one inch from the end with your pliers.  Then grab tip of wire with pliers and twirl inward to create a spiral.  It doesn’t need to be pretty.  You are just creating a surface for gluing the stem to the flower base.


Place a dab of hot glue on the calyx at the base of the flower.

paper craft flowers

Press spiral into hot glue dab immediately and hold in place for 30 seconds until glue sets.  Add leaves last, using a dab of hot glue at the base of each.

Learn to make a gorgeous Paper Daffodil Bouquet #sizzix and painted #masonjar vase

To finish the flowers, wrap wire in green floral tape.  This is optional, but I think it makes the stems look way better than just the naked wire.  Cut stems to fit your jar (6-8 inches should work, but just put one into the vase to see how much excess wire you have).

Making the Bouquet

Arrange flowers into a bouquet: Hold a flower in one hand.  Add alternating shades of yellow daffodils to frame your central one, turning the bouquet each time. Point the blooms towards you as you continue adding around, creating a rounded shape.   When you are happy with the shape of your bouquet, secure stems with floral or a rubber band.

I added baby breath looking artificial flowers from the dollar store to fill in the spaces between my daffodils.  Wouldn’t hydrangeas be pretty with the yellow too?!

The Mason Jar Vase:  I painted my mason jar with DecoArt glass stain like I showed you in this Mason Jar Chandelier Tutorial.

Punch a hole in your mason jar lid with a nail and hammer, then pound away to make a hole large enough for the bouquet.

I inserted my bouquet and embellished the vase with green jute, a chalkboard tag and a paper doily I die cut from white cardstock using Eileen Hull’s paper lace medallion die.


She was overjoyed, and the piece became our Mother’s Day lunch table centerpiece!  This bouquet would be great for wedding centerpieces and bridesmaid bouquets too.

Easy Wire Wrap Bird Nest Pendant DIY Video

  [pinit]Make a fast, easy wire and bead bird nest/egg pendant with Video DIY by beadaholique @savedbyloves


I have wanted to make one of these cute bead and wire bird nest with eggs pendants since I first saw one a couple of years ago.  Finally I sat down to do it as a gift for my sweet sister for Mother’s Day.  Can I just say she loved it?!  There is an egg for each of her three children.  It was super fast and easy to create.  I made it with materials I had on hand.  All you need are a few beads, some wire and some basic jewelry supplies.

Jewelry Making Video DIY Wire wrap bird nest pendant


Jewelry Making Video DIY Wire wrap bird nest pendant by @savedbyloves

I by no means came up with this idea.  Here is the Beadaholique video I followed.  I used thicker gauge wire (16 aluminum copper colored) and didn’t make the bail like in the video.  As you can see, I just threaded the chain through the nest where the wire made a nice opening.

Make Metallic Mason Jars With Spray Paint

Spray Paint mason jars for a great vase!

Photo by It All Started With Paint

Mason jar decor is a huge favorite in this house.  Working on a paper bouquet for my grandmother for Mother’s Day, I have been trying to land on the perfect vase.  Recycled wine bottles, tin cans and mason jars always top my list of bouquet containers.  While searching for inspiration, I came across the pictured metallic mason jars by It All Started With Paint.  I am all about metallic spray paint, and really am kinda shocked I haven’t already done this!  You can order your own at the link above, or if you are a DIY kinda person, Lovely Little DIY’s gold mason jar tutorial will get you on your way!

DIY mason Jar Crafts

Photo by Lovely Little DIY

This is not the project I ended up going with for my grandmother’s vase.  That is for another post.  This did make my to do list and if you are looking for a quick vase for Mother’s Day, you still have time to make metallic mason jars that she will love!

For more mason jar crafts, visit our frequently updated collection of the the world’s greatest Mason Jar ideas!

Tips to Fast, Mess Free, DIY Glass Tile Pendants

Xyron Create a Sticker for Easy, mess free Glass Tile Pendant @savedbyloves


If you have ever made glass or acrylic tile pendants, you probably know that it is more involved than it looks.  About 2 years ago, I need to make a slew of these, and decided to run my images that I wanted to adhere to the pendant through Xyron’s Create-a-Sticker Machine.  I ran them through oriented so that the image side would be the sticky side, and stuck the tile right on the sticky, as you will see pictured in this tutorial.  This eliminates having to glue the images onto the tiles, which is, at least for me, a messy hassle!  I wanted to scream this technique from the rooftops when I thought of it, but I decided to wait and see how the pendants held up long term.  At last I am here to report that after 2 years, the tiles I made this way look gorgeous.  The image has not peeled away from the glass or discolored even slightly.  You still have to seal the backs so that the pendants are waterproof, but I have a great tip for that step as well.  Read on and you will be busting out gorgeous, durable graphic pendants crazy fast.

 Xyron Create a Sticker for Easy, mess free Glass Tile Pendant @savedbyloves



Xyron 1.5 inch Create-a-Sticker  with Permanent adhesive cartridge

Printed images for your tiles, or decorative scrapbook paper/artwork – I create collage sheets in Photoshop with images made to fit whatever tiles I am using (round, square, rectangle in various sizes) and print it, or I create backgrounds with spray ink, ink pads, markers, stamps, rub-ons, doodles to use on my tiles.

Detail scissors

Mod Podge (I prefer satin finish to seal my glass tiles)

Small flat paintbrush

Masking tape or contact paper (super cheap at dollar store and works great for the sealing trick you will see later)

Ceramic tile or other flat surface

Sandpaper 150-200 grit (I use Tim Holtz

Glass tiles or Acrylic Tiles (I use Mod Podge Podgeable Shapes and glass tiles)

Glue on bails (my very favorite are aanraku small bails.  They are beautiful, the perfect size for 1-2 inch round, square or rectangle tiles and are well worth the cost (about $0.40 each)

E6000 glue for the bails (this stuff would glue a person to the ceiling and hold)


Jewelry wire to wrap pendants in a glue free way like I showed you previously:

Glue Free, Drill Free Way to Attach Pendants

I love this method for the fancier look compared to the glue on bail.  Sometimes people want simple, other times wire is just the special touch that makes them fall in love with a piece.



Take the image and cut into a strip that will fit in the Xyron sticker machine.  If you have a larger machine, you can run larger sheets through it to create stickers for several tiles at once.  Here I am using the 1.5 inch on cardstock covered on both sides with lovely washi tape.  Scrapbook paper, photos or whatever you want as your pendant image can be used.  Place the image side face down in the machine (this is the opposite of how you make most stickers since you are going to adhere the glass to the sticky image you want to show).  It is not really important for this example since my washi covered paper is the same on both sides.


Burnish the image onto the adhesive with a bone folder, credit card or ink pen (yep, I improvised).  This assures the maximal adhesive transfers to the paper image.



Sand any uneven edges left after cutting to tidy up your piece.


TIP:  Lay contact paper with sticky side up, or masking tape sticky side up on a tile or other flat surface. Place your pendants paper side up, glass side down on the tape or contact paper.  This keeps the pieces from moving around when you seal the back.  I lost hours of my life with sliding pendants that I moved back into place with my fingers, getting glue all over me and fingerprints all over my tiles.  No fun.  This is the best solution ever.

Apply 3 layers of Mod Podge, drying at least 30 minutes between each.  I like to let cure 1 week before sending the pendant off to it’s new home.  After 24 hours, I glue on the pendant bail or make a wire wrap bail like I discussed earlier (see above link).


Speaking of Xyron, Feature Product Friday is happening, and the start of the show is Xyron.

What is Feature Product Friday, you ask?  It is the brainchild of my friend Amy of Plucking Daisies.  If you’ve been here awhile, you have probably seen her rockin contributions to SBLC.  I love talking about products with Amy.  We are equally obsessed with the next new creative spray ink, paper, design line, gadget and trinket that will help us create what we love and take our imaginations to new places.  We want to share our go to products with you, and see what you have come up with using them.   Each Friday will be a new product featured.  We will show you our projects, as well as a roundup of your best projects using the featured product (see the list below).

Even more good news… Amy is giving away a stash of Xyron supplies, so head over and enter the Xyron Giveaway at Plucking Daisies.



Rails-to-Trails Conservacy & Patagonia Shoe Giveaway!

Enter to Win Patagonia Footwear - ENDS May 16th!  @savedbyloves
UPDATE:  Contest ended.  Winner is #135; Jessibeth.  Congrats and thanks to all who entered!  I am super excited about today’s post!  Did you know May is National Bike Month?  Saved By Love Creations has teamed up with, Patagonia Footwear and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to educate you on rails to trails, the benefits of bicycle commuting on your health and pocketbook, and for a chance to win a pair of Patagonia Footwear up to $135!

The / Patagonia Footwear Advocate Weeks program is official underway!

There are 13,000 miles of rail trails in the U.S. today. Rails to Trails Conservancy has made this happen! I, for one, am extremely grateful for my local rail trail. I use it several times a week, and I am sure that will increase as the warm days of summer ensue. My husband and I love to run on the beautiful tree lined path that starts just 2 miles from our front door and winds throughout the city. It is fun to see friends, neighbors and strangers alike enjoying the healthy transportation allowed by the trail.

This great video gives you a glimpse into the history of Rails to Trails Conservancy, and where they hope to go from here!

Who is tired of gas prices rising? The cost of driving to work averages about $9,000 a year, or 59.6 cents per mile. If your round trip commute is just 10 miles, that is $6 a day. If you rode your bike 5 days a week for a year instead of taking your car, that would be $1248 in your pocket! What does all of this have to do with shoes? Have you ever tried to ride your bike to the office, or walked a couple of miles to work in your flats? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some fashionable shoes that were as cozy as clouds? That is where Patagonia Footwear comes into play. They will donate $10 to Rail to Trails Conservancy for every pair of Patagonia shoes purchased on from now until May 20th! Not only that, but one of my dear readers will win a gift certificate to select their own pair of Patagonia Footwear. Enter to Win Patagonia Footwear - ENDS May 16th! This is the pair I chose to review – Maha Breathe Feather Grey.  I did some research online before ordering them, and decided to go a half size smaller than what I normally wear.  They fit perfectly, are totally adorable (as you can see), and are delightfully comfortable!  I took my Jack Russel for a 3 mile walk with them on, and they felt amazing.  I love their versatility too.  I can wear them with dressy and casual attire.  Enter to Win Patagonia Footwear - ENDS May 16th!

WIN these or your favorite pair of Patagonia Footwear by entering our giveaway ending May 16th!

*Giveaway open to U.S. residents.


*I received shoes to review for this post and giveaway.  All opinions are honest and mine! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Colorful Word Art Tutorial

Hello there SBLC! Amy from Plucking Daisies here to share a Colorful word art tutorial with you. Certain words really rev my creative mojo and I’m always inspired by colors. Combining inspirational words with bright colors is sure to jump-start your creativity with just a glance. I’ve got this colorful “Create” word art hanging in my studio and it keeps my creativity flowing day after day. Come along, and I’ll show you how to “create” colorful word art for yourself.




Can you guess what I used to colorize this thrifted C-R-E-A-T-E sign…once old and cold and grey? I’ll give you a hint: You probably have some shoved in a bag from your last trip to the mall.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge | Pluckingdaisies.comThat’s right it’s Tissue Paper! Plain old white packaging Tissue.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge | Pluckingdaisies.comSome may say,”it’s too crumpled and plain to ever be used again!” I say…” just add Ink”

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge | Pluckingdaisies.comMy Word Art Project was inspired by this fantastic video I found while researching the web for another creative venture. Check it out to see this fun tissue paper technique in action!

How to Mod Podge Tissue Paper

This word art project is easy to create with recycled packaging tissue Mod Podge and your favorite stamps! I’ve found quite a few of these word signs on my thrifting adventures so keep your eyes peeled if you don’t already have one on hand. You can also use this technique on wooden or cardboard words available at most craft stores.


  • Metal, cardboard or wooden word or letters
  • Dylusions Spray Inks or other ink spray
  • Favorite Stamp (I used “Flower Text” Design Block from Hero Arts)
  • White Packaging Tissue (Recycled from a shopping bag)
  • Black Archival Ink

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

STEP 1: Stamp your tissue paper with black archival ink.

*TIP* Use a stamping mat or mouse pad for a clear impression.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

STEP 2: Lay your stamped Tissue Paper on a piece of cardboard or inside a cardboard box (this will keep any wayward ink from getting where you don’t want it). Spray with Dylusions. Use a piece of wax paper to create blocks of color.

*TIP* Keep extra Tissue Paper on hand to mop up the excess Dylusions and create custom tissue paper for use in another project or for unique gift wrap. You can find a full tutorial on creating custom tissue paper with Dylusions HERE.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

STEP 3: Give the front of your word/letters a generous coating of Mod Podge and lay them on the back of your stamped tissue. Let dry for 15-20 minutes.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

STEP 4: Cut away the excess tissue to reveal the letter shapes. Smooth any jagged edges with Mod Podge. Add a second coat to the front of your word art.

*TIP* I had some issues with the ink running when applying the second coat of mod podge so I would suggest A) Seal your word art with Acrylic sealer before adding the second coat of Mod Podge or B) Keep several brushes on hand and switch them out in between colors.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

Use your now COLORFUL word art to decorate your workspace or a favorite spot in your home! My fresh and vibran word art is like a ray of sunshine in my basement studio. It really brightens up the room and is so cheerful don’t you think? Now don’t go laughing at my cat head lamp now. Nothing says “crazy cat lady” like a cat head lamp 🙂

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

If you enjoy decorating with word art I have another tutorial for altering wooden letters I think you might find “Inspiring” HERE.

Colorful Word Art Tutorial with Mod Podge |

Thanks for having back here at Saved By Love Creations. I always enjoy visiting and sharing creativity with you. Hope you enjoyed the Word art tutorial and wish you the best of luck in finding inspiring words to make more colorful!

Have a colorful day!


Find me at | Pinterest | Facebook | and Twitter for more creative ideas and tutorials.

Make Easy Shrink Film Heart Earrings


How to Make Shrink Film Earrings @savedbyloves


Mother’s Day is around the corner.  Are you ready?   If you need a last minute, handmade gift, today’s post is for you.  I am sharing with you a quick, cheap and simple pair of shrink film heart earrings you can make that any woman on your list is sure to love.  With just a few supplies and 20 minutes or less, you are on your way to making her smile.

How to Make Shrink Film Earrings @savedbyloves


Matte Shrink Film

Heart Paper punch, template or die (I used Spellbinders Media Mixage Hearts One – the middle size die)

Ear Wires

Jewelry Pliers

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Alcohol inks and applicator

Distress Paints or other acrylics of your choice



Ink your felt applicator and pull stripes (left) or dab color splotches (right) onto rough side of shrink film.  Cover entire sheet or just what you will use.  I made a bunch of shapes, so I covered the entire sheet.


Die cut, paper punch or hand cut out your shapes.  You can see the inks I used and how the pieces look before baking.


I wasn’t quite thrilled with the coloring after the alcohol inks, so I added Distress paint (barn door).  Punch a hole in your pieces where you want the jump ring to be and bake per shrink film instructions.

How to Make Shrink Film Earrings

Let cool, apply a coat of Dimensional magic for a gloss look.  When that dries, you may have to reopen your hole with a needle tool or awl.  Insert your jump ring and ear wire.

Most people would never guess these were made from shrink film.  I get tons of compliments every time I wear them!

How to Make Shrink Film Earrings

I have a charm bracelet on the work table using the rest of the pieces from this shrink film afternoon.

In the meantime, check out our 50+ shrink film projects roundup:

Projects to make from shrink plastic, #shrinkfilmjewelry #shrinkfilmcrafts

Need more Mother’s Day ideas?  We have you covered with 50+ Mother’s day handmade projects for under $10

Mother's Day GIfts #mothersday #diy to make for less than 10 bucks

Make Paper Feather Earrings

 How to Make Paper Feather Earrings @savedbyloves


I heart paper and I heart feather earrings.  It was only a matter of time before the inspiration to make paper feather earrings hit.  That time is now.  You can make your very own with just a few supplies…

 How to Make Paper Feather Earrings @savedbyloves

So you may have heard me and my creative bloggy friends mention SNAP!, a conference that took place last month in Utah.  It was amazing to meet these ladies face to face, and share ideas, laughs, even some dance floor moves.  We get into the details, us creatives.  You should have seen the business cards all dressed up with washi tape, glitter, clips, candies and on and on…  Rebecca at the Crafted Sparrow embellished hers with little aqua paper feathers to hers.

Die Cut Paper Feathers

In all the room chaos, I must have ended up with my roommate’s Crafted Sparrow business card, but no fear.  I put it to good use.  When I got home and started sorting through my stash, I saw the 2 paper feathers and knew earrings were necessary.  You can make them too, no problem.  If you didn’t happen to get 2 of Rebecca’s cards with feathers, you can die cut your own, or just download this free feather template and use it to hand cut your feathers from pretty paper!


2 Paper Feathers

20 gauge jewelry wire

Ear wires

Beads or crystals of your choice for feather stem

Tiny eyelet and setter

Flat nose and round nose pliers

Magic Glos Resin or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic


Wire cutter



Apply resin to paper feathers.  I did both sides (when one side dries, flip it over and do the other).  For my thoughts on Magic Glos resin, check out my patriotic sprinkle earrings tutorial.  You can also use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic or 2 part resin, but you will have to wait overnight for these to dry before moving on to the next step.  With Magic Glos the wait is 20 minutes in sunlight or under a UV lamp.


Poke a hole in the tip of your feather where the stem starts, and set your eyelet.  For the best explanation of how to do this with tiny eyelets, go to Retro Cafe Art Gallery’s post on DIY acrylic tags.  That is how I did it, but I used a the pointy end of an aluminum crochet hook because I didn’t have an eyelet setter tool.


Cut about 5 inches of wire and insert into eyelet from front to back of feather.


Bend wire up with a one inch tail as in photo.


Loop tail around to form coil as shown.  I wrapped four times.  Cut off excess wire from tail if necessary.


String beads onto wire on top of coil.  I used 2 small faceted beads on either side of a larger crystal.  Bend wire at 90° as shown.  Leave a space between the bend and the top bead for coiling the wire (see below).


Loop wire around round nose pliers as shown.

TIP: When making earrings, I like to mark with a sharpie where on the pliers I wrap the wire so that I can make the loop on the next earring the same size.


Slide ear wire finding onto loop, making sure you have it oriented so that when you put it in your ear, the side of the feather that you want to be the front is facing towards the front.


Wrap the wire to the top of the bead, forming a coil as shown.  Clip the excess wire off with the wire cutter.






Make Easy Paper Punch Flowers & More DIY Flowers

Make Easy Paper Punch Flowers at Damask Love, featured by @savedbyloves


It is no secret we love paper flowers around here.  This time of year, they are even more on the brain since they make such great Mother’s Day gifts.  That is why I wanted to share with you this lovely variety of paper punch flowers with complete tutorial I found at Damask Love.

Crepe paper roses DIY

Let’s not forget this crepe paper rose tutorial I shared with you!

How to Make Paper Daisies

And who wouldn’t love this DIY paper daisy bouquet?