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You guys know I love to upcycle a wine bottle.  I am always bugging the neighbors for their empties since we aren’t drinkers here.  It is not uncommon for me to raid the local recycling center, where they kindly let me dumpster dive…

There are tons of ways to repurpose bottles, from cutting to painting, making lanterns, vase, candle holders and more.  Today I am excited to share with you how to easily etch intricate designs into your bottles and glass of all kinds.

How to upcycle wine bottles

This process is soooo easy.  Just clean your wine bottles with soap and water, vinegar water if the labels are being stubborn.  Clean off all adhesive and debris. Wipe clean bottle with rubbing alcohol.

Marth Stewart Glass Etching Cream

Adhere stencil or silkscreen to bottle and tape off with masking tape to prevent etching cream from ending up where you don’t want it.  Use dauber or sponge to generously apply etching cream.

Martha Stewart Glass Etching Tutorial

I love the doily adhesive silkscreen from Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart Glass Etching Tutorial

You want a very thick layer of the etching cream.  Let it sit 15 minutes, then rinse away under faucet.  Remove and clean stencils or silkscreen.

silkscreen from Martha Stewart3

Can you believe the detail?

Easy One Hour Etched Wine Bottles

I saw other people’s projects using this etching cream and decided they must just be really skilled.  I was judging based on my experience with a cream in the past.  I can’t remember the brand, but it came in a white and purple bottle and I got it at Michaels.  It didn’t work even a little.  I was so frustrated because I had a project I really wanted to complete and I finally gave up.

How thrilled was I at the ease of use and effectiveness I found with Martha’s version?!


I sat down to do a Mother’s Day project (which I will be showing you next week) and ended up glass etching all day.  So fun and simple (did I mention it was easy?)…

Stay tuned for what is going to end up being a glass etching week around here :)

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  1. Love this simple project. I think I might be pulling a few of my wine bottles out of the recycling bin to make something similar!

  2. there beautiful, like the pic with you hanging out of Dumpster, gave me a laugh,lol

  3. Danneel Mitchell says:

    Your project turned out beautiful! I am so glad to know that the Martha Stewart product is true to its word! I work at Michaels and always encourage my customers that Martha Stewart products are the best! I now know for sure that the glass etching will be a part of my suggestive selling! Awesome!

  4. I LOVE the bottles! I love that photo of you even more! Thanks for the giggle!

    Take care,


  5. Love that you’re willing to jump into a dumpster for your art! I was wondering how this etching cream would work on colored glass – love it!!

  6. Oh how pretty!! My hubby drinks wine sometimes, so I may just try this. Thanks for sharing!

    pst…Love that dumpster diving photo too! :)

  7. Fabulous! I wish I could easily send you all of my empties… :)

  8. Wow I am amazed at how well that etching cream works. I have used other brands and they haven’t been that “powerful” for lack of a better word. Great results! And I love the DD pix!

  9. These are so awesome Johnnie I love them! I have to pick up a pack of these. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The detail the etching cream leaves is incredible. I have never used etching cream and if I do, I’ll be sure to try MS brand.

  11. Johnnie these are great! Love the doily etching. So talented girl!

  12. I have Martha Stewart etching cream (the cream is brown & thick) that I purchased this year & my etching is barely noticeable compared to yours! Yours almost looks white. The other brand that you might have been thinking of is Armour Etch that I was contemplating switching to. Thanks for showing yours!

  13. When the stickiness of your screenprint wears off, how do you reattach it? Thanks!


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