Creative Blogs That Have My Heart

There are so many amazing, inspiring craft blogs to visit.  I am sure I have only come across a small percentage of what is out there, and still I don’t get to frequent the ones I love as much as I would if there were three of me.  Today I am taking the time to share with you a few of my favorites.

Mod Podge Rocks

Mod Podge Rocks Blog

This is one of the very first blogs I came across when I first got crafty.  I am as amazed with it now as I was back then.  Amy Anderson keeps the inspiration coming with great tutorials and features, as well as everything you could ever want to know about Mod Podge.  You could revamp everything you own with the decoupage projects she shares.  Not only that, but she couldn’t be any sweeter, more helpful or more adorable, and may just have the cutest pug on the block.

Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World

Amy came out with a fantastic book, detailing over 40 projects for you to try.  Maybe you remember me going on about it here.  These projects are doable for the novice to the master crafter, and are sure to impress your friends!

30 Minute Crafts

Sometimes I will spend days on a project, weeks even.  Other times, I really want some instant gratification with a quick finished project.  That is when I head to 30 Minute Crafts.


Carolina shares projects that take 30, 15, even 10 minutes to create.  In her words; “Though I love intricate, detailed crafts – I don’t always have the time. 30 Minute Crafts give me the satisfaction of creating something, without the huge time commitment.”

You don’t want to miss this site!  Find the perfect project for your next group craft night or last minute handmade gift.

The V Spot


I am a sucker for a great repurpose.  Vivienne is a genius in this area.  I will never forget when she made a fire pit from a washer drum.

How to turn an old washing machine into a fire pit

Vivienne shares great projects, has a thing for pumpkins, and will have you laughing and crying.  She is a gorgeous lady, one of my favorite people I’ve never met!

Go be inspired!  There are tons more favorites I will be sharing with you in the future.  I would love to hear about where you go for inspiration too.