DIY Paper Star Garland

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


What is more beautiful than glittery, 3D paper star garland?  I strung this above my fireplace, and it is mesmerizing.  This is easy to create, especially with a die cutter, but can be done by hand with a template in no time too.

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


Cardstock in white, glittery white and glittery silver

Tim Holtz Star Die

Sizzix Bigz Large Die By Tim Holtz-3-D Star Bright


This 3D Paper Star Template to cut by hand

Baker’s twine or other string

Embroidery needle

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


Cut out stars and fold creases to create the 3D form

There are tabs on the back of the stars in the template above and in the die cut by Tim Holtz.  You can make your star double sided by gluing 2 stars back to back at the tabs.  I chose not to do this since my garland would be against a wall and you would only see one side.

String the needle with your thread and sew through the top point of each star (in one side of it and out the other.  Continue until your garland is the length you want and hang with excess string at each end.

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves



  1. Johnnie, this is so pretty and I think this would also make a great decoration for New Year’s Eve. It looks fabulous on your fireplace…I might try one in gold to drape across a mirror. I am pinning this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love those stars, Johnnie! :)
    Will definitely try this!
    xo’s! Vanessa

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