DIY Dollar Store Custom Stenciled Gift Mugs

@DollarTree Mug Stenciled Mustache; Great #DIY #GiftIdea @savedbyloves

Today I have a great guy gift idea for you.  This project only cost $1 and took just 5 minutes.  Attention procrastinators:  easy, cheap last minute guy gift here.  You can actually make these for anyone on you list.  It doesn’t have to be a mustache that you paint on here.  Remember when I showed you these Martha Stewart stenciled mugs?

@DollarTree Mug Stenciled Mustache; Great #DIY #GiftIdea @savedbyloves

This project is similar, but I found these clear, big glass mugs at Dollar Tree.  I made my own stencil but printing the mustache below on cardstock, cutting it out and tracing it onto contact paper.  I cut that out and used the space left behind as the stencil on the mug.  No die cut machine necessary.

@DollarTree Mug Stenciled Mustache; Great #DIY #GiftIdea @savedbyloves

I made one of these for everyone that is going to be at my family’s traditional egg nog New Year’s Eve get together.  For some I used adhesive stencils, and others I used hand cut stencils I made from contact paper.  I used Martha Stewart glass paint and her daubers to apply it.  The stuff is great because you can bake it and it becomes permanent and dishwasher safe.  Not to mention it applies beautifully.  You can create professional looking gifts with no experience.

@DollarTree Mug Stenciled Mustache; Great #DIY #GiftIdea @savedbyloves

@DollarTree Mug Stenciled Mustache; Great #DIY #GiftIdea @savedbyloves

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  1. Soooo cute I love these ideas! I need to get some of that paint too, excited to make some :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  2. I mustache tell you that these are so cute!

  3. these are awesome. i have a question, you said these mugs are from the dollar store, you put them in the oven? for how long? they didn’t crack? I’m afraid to put them in the oven because i don’t know if they are oven safe, i also found another cute mug that says it is dishwasher and microwave safe but it doesn’t say anything about oven so I’m also afraid to bake that one.

  4. This is so cute! Thank-you for the idea. I’ve wanted to created mugs for so long but didn’t want to use simple adhesive vinyl just to find that they peel off in no time. Will be buying this paint tomorrow :)

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