50+ Recycled Lid Crafts to Make


50+ #Recycled Lid #Crafts to make #DIY @savedbyloves


This week I have some seriously creative uses for lids of all kinds.  Mason jar lids, shoebox lids, bottle caps and more can be used to make ornaments, photo keepsakes, wall art, jewelry and much more.  Lets keep those lids out of the landfills while stocking our craft supply box!


  1. Oh i love all of these projects! YOu always find the best projects to feature!

  2. Love mason jar lids! Here is one I posted last week for a Canning Jar Lid Garland! http://www.thegunnysack.com/2012/12/peace-joy-canning-lid-garland.html

  3. I have piles of juice lids since my kids fly through apple juice like crazy! I made some story-book themed ornaments for a friend out of juice lids and twine. Its a cute idea for any favorite story (if you can part with the book or have a spare, that is).

  4. Awesome as always! Now you’ve got me thinking LIDS… hmm… I feel some craft-spiration coming on… xoxo

  5. Thanks for including my “happy day” canning jar lid banner … what a fun round up!!

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