50+ Guy Gifts to Make


Over 50 Gifts to make for Men #handmade #Christmas @savedbyloves


Ask and you shall receive.  Several of you have inquired as to a source for handmade Christmas gifts for men.  I have brought you some of the web’s best tutorials for projects that the men in your life will cherish.  Ties, toolbelts, watches and more, this roundup has gifts for guys covered with budget friendliness in mind.  Enjoy!


  1. To add on to the dry rub idea, I made something similar when I needed a last minute gift. I thought just mixing together spices would be a dead give away that I forgot to get something so I looked up some other things to make and did a gift basket. Along with the rub I made a chipolte popcorn flavoring mix (another super easy mix of spices) and made my own BBQ sauce because I’m in texas so I knew that would be a no-brainer. I slaved over the stove the night before to pull off the bbq sauce but it was well worth it because it was the star of the basket! I would recommend printing / writing out the recipes to go with them too.

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