Z Gallerie Inspired Dollar Store Winter Wreath


Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


This wreath was inspired by the Z. Gallerie silver magnolia leaf wreath that I fell in love with, but not $70 in love with.  More like “make my own version for $10” love, is what it was.  I had the spray paint, primer, wreath form and ribbon on hand.  I just needed leaves.  Hmmm.  I scoured my city for some magnolia trees, to no avail.  I did find some leaves in my neighborhood with the same basic shape.  I gathered up a pile, dipped them in beeswax and spray painted them silver.  They look stunning, but I wanted a big wreath, and was not about to dip and spray that many leaves.  You will see that technique in an upcoming post.  For today’s tutorial, see how I primered and sprayed dollar store leaves to create my own Z. Gallerie inspired silver magnolia leaf wreath!

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


16 inch Styrofoam wreath form

10 bundles (5 leaves each) of big oblong leaves from Dollar Tree

White Primer

Silver Spray Paint

Wire Ribbon

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves

I left my leaves on the stem and splayed them out to spray them.  Protect your work surface for over spray first!

Primer, let dry overnight, then spray with silver.

When that dries, cut leaves from bunch, leaving 1.5-2 inch stem to insert into wreath form.

I made 3 concentric rows of leaves around my wreath form.  I stuck the leaf in perpendicular to the form, then bent it at 90°.


Add a bow and hang.

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


Here is the Z Gallerie inspiration:

Z Gallerie magnolia leaf wreath knock-off

I love my $10 version.  What do you think?  What is on your door this year?

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


  1. love your wreath–but im a 60’s girl, so shiny is not my favorite.
    here’s a cheap and natural looking wreath i do:
    i reuse my metal wreath form and florist wire each year. i snip various evergreens and cones from our yard–then wrap and hang on the permanent front door hook.
    our front door never sees direct sun, so the wreath lasts from october to june.
    clippers, wire cutters, leather gloves, wreath form, ribbon for bow if you want one. i prefer sleigh bells.

  2. It’s really gorgeous on your burgundy colored door. In fact. . .I think it’s prettier than the $70 wreath. BTW, I’m here because I saw the article where you were featured in the paper. Good write-up and great blog! I look forward to returning.

  3. This is beautiful, Johnnie. And yes, your version is prettier than the original. Tweeted & pinned. Thank you!

  4. I love your spray painted dollar store leaves and wreath! Great minds think alike. I sprayed the exact same leaves for a project I did awhile back. http://plumperfectandme.blogspot.com/2012/09/elle-decor-inspired.html Love the results!

  5. I actually prefer your version, it`s much fuller and has the rustic feel instead of the too-modern feel, love that it`s much cheaper too, it`s def on my `to do` list, thanks!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! I Love your version! I have millions of Magnolia leaves in my yard (NC), BUT I am going to make your version! ÷) I’d be more than HAPPY to send you my leaves. Thank You for sharing your ideas and your time, so we ALL can be BETTER crafters!

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