Mason Jar Chandelier DIY

How to make a #MasonJar Chandelier #DIY #craft @savedbyloves

How to make a #MasonJar Chandelier #DIY #craft @savedbyloves

This project was super simple and cheap!  I scored the chandelier at a garage sale recently for $2.  As soon as I saw it, this fantastic mason jar chandelier from Beth at Home Stories A to Z came to mind.  You can get the mason jars for around $7 per case of 12.  I painted them with Deco Art glass stain.  Using E6000 industrial glue, I adhered the lids to the chandelier.  Now I can switch out the jars by unscrewing them from the lid, allowing for changes in my decor!

How to make a #MasonJar Chandelier #DIY #craft @savedbyloves

How to make a #MasonJar Chandelier #DIY #craft @savedbyloves


How to make a #MasonJar Chandelier #DIY #craft @savedbyloves

I will be updating with night photos after placing LED votive candles in the jars for illumination!

How to make a #MasonJar Chandelier #DIY #craft @savedbyloves

What do y0u think?  Have you checked out the 50+ Mason Jar roundup?


  1. Awesome! As usual.

  2. This is way too perfect! Love it!!!!

  3. Wow! SO cool!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful DIY project. :)

  4. Loving this on the hunt for a yardsale chandelier now!!

  5. This came out great! Now I must get some glass stain…I definitely NEED a rainbow chandelier in my life!


  6. pretty

  7. Great idea! I also bought a chandelier at a yard sale and I could do this using the ‘ring’ lids. Thanks.

  8. Love this Johnnie!

  9. I love anything mason jar – this is amazing!

  10. incredibly clever!!!! 😉

  11. Mandysue masarik says:

    I was wondering how does the heat from the bulb escape? In a shade it would vent

  12. If you inverted the mason jars, cut the lids and integrated the heads of LED solar stakes from the dollar store – it would charge all day and light the nights :)

  13. And do the tea lights get enough oxygen to burn without an opening?

  14. wait, never mind. I see you’re using LEDs. got it! very cute!!! love it!

  15. Such a cute idea! And don’t you just love that E6000 glue? I use that for so many things…

  16. so I have tried looking but what are you using for lights? Not bulbs I see. Are they battery operated??

  17. Hi, I love it! Just one Question though can it have work Bulbs or wil it be to hot or dangerous

  18. mary halvorson says:

    Mason jar chandelier. Sorry, but is this electric or candles? If electric i do t see where the light blubs go through the lids and if candles, wouldnt they go out? No air.


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