Guest Post: 20 Ways to Reuse Old Bed Sheets


20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves


In these times of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to get creative. Instead of throwing something away, it is time to reuse it, recycle it, and make it into something new. That shoe box? A great place to hold your stationary. Those dried up mushrooms? Perfect to make a mushroom stock for cooking. There is almost nothing out there that cannot be turned to a better use. Old bed sheets may seem like they should be thrown away, but that is thinking inside the box. Instead of tossing them, put them to better use. Here are twenty ideas to get you started, but feel free to do something entirely different!

1. It's almost Halloween so that means you can turn your bed sheets into a costume, one of the oldest, most well recognized costumes out there: Make yourself into a ghost!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves Source:

2. If a ghost sounds too scary for you, think about creating a toga. Throw a Halloween toga party and invite all your friends! Or throw a toga party any other time of year. Great step-by-step instructions here:

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves Source:

3. Make some aprons for yourself - they are meant to get dirty anyway, so why not use some old bed sheets to make them!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves Source:

4. Turn your old bed sheets into curtains for your windows. If you have patterns, use them to get even more creative! Cut out shapes and sew them on. Check out this handy tutorial from Fun Frugal Mom.

5. Cut up your old bed sheets and use them as cleaning rags. This is doubly good for the environment because it saves the sheets and stops you from using paper towels.

6. Use your sheets to line your pet's crate - they might be too old for your use, but your dog won't mind.

7. Store your old sheets in your car trunk so that you will always have them on hand for impromptu picnics!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves Source:

8. Use the sheets as drop cloths for your next painting or other messy creative project to protect the floor.

 9. Donate your sheets to a local charity. They are probably less picky than you are and won't mind that they are old as long as they are clean!

10. Save your sheets to use in the winter to cover plants and protect them from frost.

11. Cover furniture in unused rooms in your house. The sheet will protect the furniture from accumulating dust, so you don't have to keep cleaning it.

12. Turn the old sheet into a tote bag. Use it at the grocery store instead of a plastic disposable one. Check out this helpful tutorial from Craft Stylish.

13. Build a tent in your living room! Or make it a teepee and teach your kids about Native Americans.

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves Source:

14. Transform the bed sheet into a bed skirt!

15. Make a rag rug - it never goes out of fashion to be frugal! My favorite design is this one from the lovely Elizabeth Anne.

 20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves

16. Use the sheet for a skirt for your Christmas tree - holiday season is just around the corner after all!

17. If only part of the sheet is damaged and the rest is in good condition, turn it into a pillow case.

18.  If your sewing skills are just basic ones, turn the sheet into a new laundry bag - it is one of the easiest sewing projects out there!

20+ Bed Sheet #Repurpose Ideas @savedbyloves Source:

19.  Make a new cover for your ironing board. It will make ironing feel less like a chore if your ironing board is covered in a funky new pattern.

20.  Use the least faded parts of the sheets to make a cover for a bulletin board. You can still pin anything you want on top of it, but now the background is more fun thank plain old cork.

About the Author: Elena Morgan is a thrifty, DIY mom, committed to making the world a better place through recycling. When she’s not repurposing household items, you can find Elena reviewing bedding, furniture and home décor. Click here see some products she recommends!

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