Book Page Pumpkin Patch

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fal #DIY #upcycle


Today I am sharing with you a great eco-friendly project for you fall decor, using old book pages or music sheets.  It came to mind when I ran across this paper sphere garland I shared with you last year…

The process is pretty quick and easy.  Here is how I did it.

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle


Book Pages

Pumpkin shape die, or paper punch, or template to trace onto pages and hand cut

Craft glue


Raffia or Ribbon


Cut pumpkin shapes with your die cutter or by hand.  I used 16-20 per 3D pumpkin. You could also use an oval shape if you don’t have a pumpkin die.

Fold down center and glue halves back to back like I showed you with the sphere garland:


When all of your 16 shapes are glued together, adhere the last and first pumpkins to complete the 3D pumpkin.  There will be a hole in the center for you to place a stick for the stem.  Add a line of glue along the stick to secure in place.  Embellish with raffia, ribbon, leaves, or beads as desired.

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

Make book page pumpkins @savedbyloves #papercraft #pumpkin #Halloween #Fall #DIY #upcycle

You could use them on your Thanksgiving table scape as place cards, or as part of a centerpiece.  Instead of a stick use wire & create a loop at the top of the stem.  Use the loop to thread your pumpkins on string for beautiful harvest garland.


  1. Super, duper cute!

  2. How do you color them orange? Love this idea!

  3. I LOVE this idea! Did you just use food coloring or some sort of ink stamp to get the orange on the pages. Great idea! I’m doing this for a craft day. :)


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