50+ Things to Make From Paper Bags

50 plus things to make from recycled paper bags @savedbyloves #recycled #crafts #upcycle


Did you know that we throw away enough paper per year to make a 12 foot wall spanning from California to New York?  60,000 trees would be saved if every U.S. household reused a paper grocery bag for just one shopping trip (source).  It is amazing that everyone pitching in by reusing just one bag would have such a huge impact.  Today’s round-up gives you 50+ creative uses for paper bags.  Some of them are familiar.  Some of them redefine what it means to think outside of the box!

50 plus things to make from recycled paper bags @savedbyloves #recycled #crafts #upcycle
Roben-Marie Smith created this beautiful brown paper bag ribbon that I need.  This would be the perfect project to gift the crafter on your list, or to give your gift wrapping a unique touch.
50 plus things to make from recycled paper bags @savedbyloves #recycled #crafts #upcycle
Are you kidding me with this brown paper bag flooring at Simon Says?  Who does that?  I would love to know where the inspiration originated, and how long that project took.  The tutorial is very brief, but maybe there is a more detailed one out there.  How cool!
50 plus things to make from recycled paper bags @savedbyloves #recycled #crafts #upcycle
Make an adorable Halloween candy bowl from paper bags and tissue paper.  The Long Thread walks you through this craft that the kids are sure to love.
50 plus things to make from recycled paper bags @savedbyloves #recycled #crafts #upcycle
Take advantage of seasonal graphic shopping bags to create festive recycled paper Christmas stockings with Rock Scissor Paper.  What a cheap way to bring a unique, handmade touch to your holiday decor!
50 plus things to make from recycled paper bags @savedbyloves #recycled #crafts #upcycle
This is one of those “That is made from what?” projects.  Create these sweet and simple paper bag woven placemats with Free Kids Crafts.  They look like something I would have bought from Pier One back when I bought things instead of making them!

The list goes on…



  1. I love all of these paper bag ideas!!!

  2. Omahgerd! I can’t believe the floor! And all the other projects had my eyes going like one of my cats chasing a laser pointer…I’d better belly up to my computer screen to delve into all of this awesome!


  3. what neat ideas, hard to believe they used paper for the floor and steps!!

  4. I am way into the Trader Joe’s stocking bags! Love it.

  5. Lana at ilovemy5kids says:

    Love this post! I have a whole board on Pinterest for paper bags…thus my new hobby. Lol! Seriously, love this!

  6. Adore the ribbon too – and those brooms and Indian corn are fabulous too!

  7. Great roundup – love the woven paper basket!

  8. Love this! I’m definitely thinking that I need to make sure to get my hands on some graphic holiday bags to make those stockings!

  9. Some fun and great ideas here!
    Thanks so much for sharing Johnnie, I have “pinned” this one!

  10. Very cool! Pinned!

  11. Great Round up! Love all the proejcts : )

  12. the floor ~ my friend did that and it was AWESOME!
    1.She cut the bags open and then wrinkled them up (I’ll explain why).
    2.Next she flattened them out with her hands and glued them down onto the floor with a thin mix of 50/50 carpenters white glue and water using a painters brush. She would brush the floor, lay the paper, smooth it out with her hands and brush one layer of the glue on top. She would do like 4×4 foot sections at a time and was gluing them down right onto a cement floor; but it certainly would work doing onto any kind of subflooring.
    3.After gluing down she took a rag with a small dab of dark stain on it and rubbed it all over the glued down bag. It looked just like leather!! This was the reason for wrinkling it before gluing.
    4.The next day ~ after letting things set … she covered her sections with several coats of polyurethane.
    The only reason that I could see that she did it in sections was because it just took some time; but her patience certainly paid off.
    It really was AWESOME! And it held up for many years in a high traffic area.
    That friend has passed on; but I’ll never forget her nor her beautiful creative talent and her awesome floor.

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