DIY Cardboard Loom and Woven Bracelet Video

How to make a loom woven braided bracelet

Today I am sharing with you a loom woven bracelet video tutorial.  I mentioned it in my Dollar Store Wrapped Bangle Bracelet Tutorial since I was on a mason line bracelet kick.   In the video you will see how to make the loom from a piece of cardboard (yay!! – recycled craft project) and how to use your cardboard loom to make a 7 stranded braid bracelet using mason line.  You can use any cording you want, that is just what I used in the video because I have tons of it and I love the colors. The smaller, multicolored bracelet pictured was made using the exact same technique with embroidery floss in 7 fall shades.

How to Make a Loom From Cardboard and weave your own #friendshipBracelet from it #Jewelry at #video


Cording (I used this mason line)



Small Plate or other circle to trace (about 4 inches in diameter)

Pen or pencil

Lighter to melt end of mason line knot together

How to Make a Loom From Cardboard and weave your own #friendshipBracelet from it #Jewelry at #video




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