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Easy Necklace Display Idea

Easy DIY Jewelry Display for cheap by Robayre

Lately I have been brainstorming on how to solve my pile of necklaces & bracelets dilemma.  I ran into a solution that is cheap, easy, and can be done with things I have on hand.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  My plan is to tackle this Necklace display tutorial at Robayre.

Quick, Easy Fall Candle Upcycles

Martha Stewart Glass Paint Fall Candles by, featured @savedbyloves

Do you change out your decor for the seasons?  Buying candles and other accessories in summer, fall, winter and spring colors can get expensive.  That is why I usually end up buying neutral colors and updating them to coordinate with the time of year. There are several ways to do this on the cheap.

I love how Jaime at Crafty Scrappy Happy used Martha Stewart glass paint to bring her candles into fall.  Her upcycled candle DIY is a must see.

Update your decor with these cheap, easy Halloween Candles at @savedbyloves

For my Halloween mantel this year (o.k., it is a piano top, but whatever), I used black crepe paper and card stock to tie my candles into the Halloween theme.  Cut a decorative edge, or just make stripes, wrap around the candle and tape in place in the back.  Super easy and cheap.

Scroll Saw Pumkin Decor

DIY Scroll Saw Pumpkin #Fall Decor #chevron background at @savedbyloves

I have been busting at the seams to talk about this scroll saw.  We scored it on Craigslist a few weeks ago for a steal of a price.  This was after months of contemplation and research on which saw to buy, whether to buy new, and all that fun stuff.  We went used, got a drill press thrown in, and spent a total of $100!  The saw and the press both work great.  This is the first project I have completed with my new toys.  It was super simple.  If you don’t have a scroll saw, just pick up 3 wooden ovals at your local craft store, and you will be making this cute pumpkin decor in no time.

DIY Scroll Saw Pumpkin #Fall Decor #chevron background at @savedbyloves


1/4 in plywood

Oval template

Chevron print

Surface to Mod Podge Chevron print onto

Acrylic paint

Paint brush

Paper leaves

Green craft wire

Craft glue

Med grit sandpaper


DIY Scroll Saw Pumpkin #Fall Decor #chevron background at @savedbyloves

*NOTE:  After Mod Podge dried, I sanded edges of chevron background and applied 2 coats of Mod Podge over entire surface.  To adhere pumpkin to background, I used velcro strips.  That way I can change it out for the different holidays.

DIY Scroll Saw Pumpkin #Fall Decor #chevron background at @savedbyloves

DIY Scroll Saw Pumpkin #Fall Decor #chevron background at @savedbyloves

DIY Scroll Saw Pumpkin #Fall Decor #chevron background at @savedbyloves

How to Make Fall Flowers

How to Make Fall Flowers @savedbyloves by #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial

I am happy to have Amy from Plucking Daisies back today.  She has a knack for turning trash into treasure, and this project is a fantastic example of that.  Be ready to create this gorgeous fall flower bouquet from things you probably have at home already.  This would make a great centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.  Who is ready for a great fall upcycle?

Hi all! Last time I was here at Saved by Love Creations I showed you how to make Paper flowers using punches. Today, I have an even easier method for making Fall Flowers to share with you. Remember the tissue paper flowers you made as a kid? We are going to use the same technique for making tissue flowers (pipe cleaners and all) to create beautiful fall flowers using items you probably have lying around the house.

Are you wondering what these fall flowers are made of? You may be surprised. To vary the color and texture (much like the color and texture found in nature at this time of year) I combined Dryer Sheets, Shower Curtain, Sheet Music, and Kraft Glassine to create the flowers for this arrangement.

If you haven’t used Kraft Glassine yet I urge you to try it. It’s available at most craft stores in the Tim Holtz section for only a few dollars. The great thing about Kraft Glassine is its durability and resistance to creative abuse. The more you beat it up the better it looks!

Kraft Glassine Flowers
1) Grab a few pieces of Kraft Glassine and ink them up with Alcohol Ink. *If you add some metallic mixative to your blending tool you will get a lovely gilded look. 2) Once the ink is dry crumple it up and then smooth it flat. 3) Cut pieces of Kraft Glassine in half (You will need at least 3 squares to form a flower). 4) Fold squares together accordion style. 5) Secure in center by wrapping the end of a pipe cleaner around. 6) Cut a rounded edge on both sides. (Tonic Scissors cut best). 7) Gently peel each layer up to form flower.
* Repeat Steps 3-7 for each style of flower

Dryer Sheet Flowers
Don’t throw those dryer sheets away! Harvest them to make these fun flowers. I sprayed my Dryer sheets with a fall inspired blend of Dylusions Spray inks to color them. Our Friend Laura from the Shed has another unique way to create Dryer Sheet Flowers here. The best part about these flowers is their laundry fresh scent 🙂
* Repeat Steps 3-7 (Above)

How to Make Fall Flowers | #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial

Sheet Music Flowers
The sheet music flowers can be a bit tricky. Especially when working with vintage sheet music since it tends to tear easily. *Repeat the above steps from the previous flowers. When you have your ends cut apply Distress Ink (Vintage photo) to all the edges. To make the paper more pliable mist with Perfect Pearls Heirloom Gold. This will help to wick the Distress ink and age your flowers to perfection!
How to Make Fall Flowers | #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial
Shower Curtain Flowers
I had an epiphany when changing out my shower curtain to cut a piece off and save it to “make something”. This resulted in some fun fall leaves and now Shower curtain flowers. You can also get this look by using a clear tablecloth. Check out my Shower Curtain Leaves tutorial for all the details on selecting Alcohol Inks in a fall color palette. *I gave my flowers a spritz of glitter spray for a touch of sparkle.
* Repeat Steps 3-7 (above)
How to Make Fall Flowers | #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial
The flowers looked great but they needed a little something…like a center. It was bothering me that you could see the pipe cleaner in the center. To fix this problem I consulted my vintage button collection. (Do you ever really NEED an excuse to play with vintage buttons? ) Selecting buttons for your flower centers is half the fun. Try a few on for size, shape and texture. When you are satisfied grab your glue gun to adhere them.
*If you don’t have a stash of vintage buttons you can find an assortment called “Grandma’s Grab bag” in the sewing section at Michael’s. Just look for a bag with lots of brown to complement the fall colors.
How to Make Fall Flowers | #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial
Now you will need a container to arrange all the lovely fall flowers you’ve created. I’m sure you may have one of these generic glass vases left over from a fresh flower arrangement. Not even a run through the dishwasher and a good scrubbing could remove the schmutz from the rim of this vase so it was time to up cycle it into something new!
After a coat of Krylon Glitterblast (Diamond Dust) it looks better than ever! *If you don’t have one of these vases lying around they can usually be found at the thrift store for $1 or $2. You could also use a large jar from the recycling bin.
How to Make Fall Flowers | #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial
The freshly painted vase is lovely but it needs something to “Tie it all together.” I saved this gold grosgrain ribbon (probably from a Christmas gift from last year) and thought it was the perfect complement for the Fall Flower arrangement . To add a bit of whimsy and tie in with the sheet music flowers I stamped the ribbon with a sheet music stamp and Ranger Archival ink.
How to Make Fall Flowers @savedbyloves by #Fall #Flowers #RangerInk #Tutorial
Move over 1-800-flowers! If you have a dryer full of laundry, a shower curtain that needs replacing, and a plain glass vase in your home you can create a beautiful Fall Flower arrangement that will last for seasons to come. All with flower making skills you learned in Kindergarten.
Hope your creativity is blossoming today!

How to Make Chain Maille & Pearl Bracelet

How to make chain maille bracelet at @savedbyloves

I am so excited to share with you this beautiful chain maille bracelet by Irina from Irina’s Cute Box.  Chain maille goes back to medieval times as a metal weaving technique they used to make armour worn by knights.  Now it is a common jewelry technique.  I have always wanted to try chain maille, but have been intimidated by its complex appearance.  This is Irina’s first attempt, which encourages me to try out the technique.  Her piece came out beautifully, and I would never have guessed she was a novice.  See how to make your own chain maille jewelry, incorporating pearls!  Take it away Irina…

I’d like to share how I made this chain maille bracelet with pearls.

I made jump rings of sterling silver filled wire (18 ga, half hard). The rings have to be a little bit bigger than beads.

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

To make first bracelet link, connected 4 rings as it shown on the picture.

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

Then keeping them in fingers fingers as shown on the image below, I “opened” the rings forming them in a shape of nest. Places a pearl bead inside the nest.

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial
Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

Then, closed upper rings like it shown on the picture…

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

… and connected them with two more jump rings. This rings are starting next chain maille bracelet link.

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

Again… opened rings to make a nest, placed a bead inside.

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

Closed the rings and connected with more jump rings.

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

And so on until the bracelet is needed length. In the end, I attached a clasp, and the bracelet is ready to wear 🙂

Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

And there are earrings to match the bracelet. 🙂

50+ Halloween Printables

 50+ Halloween Printables @savedbyloves #Halloween #Printables

It is our first printable round-up, 50+ free Halloween printables!  From party decor to subway art to treats and more, you will be ready to get your spook on with every creepy detail covered.  Be sure and leave feedback for the designers when you use their printables.  They work hard to bring them to you and deserve a little love, right?!

Want more printables? Visit My other site, Printable Decor by clicking the thumbnail below. You will find freebies in all kinds of categories, and you can submit your own printables to be featured.
Printable Decor

Make Kumihimo Braided Cord Jewelry

How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

 Kumihimo is a Japanese braiding technique used to make long decorative strands, beautiful for bracelets and necklaces.  I picked up the method on a recent trip to Colorado, and have had the foam loom in my hand ever since.  This is not at all difficult to learn.  You will have a finished piece in no time, regardless of your level of experience.  Here you will see how to make an 8 strand braided cord, and how to beautifully, professionally finish your piece with bead cones, wire and a toggle clasp.

How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

This project is great for all kinds of cording; hemp, embroidery floss, eyelash yard, ribbon, satin and more.  You can mix different thicknesses of floss and yarn for interesting effects within the same cord.  I personally love the eyelash yarn like I used in the above bracelet.  Multiple colors can be used, however the spiral effect is best seen if you use 2-3 colors.


How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

Bracelet 1:  20 inch strands – 1 gray embroidery floss, 2 cream rattail, 2 golden rattail, 2 black hemp, 1 brown eyelash yarn

Bracelet 2:  Kumihimo satin rattail 2mm – 2 strands 20 inches of white, green,  light blue and aqua

Bracelet 3:  4 strands each of hemp cord in white and brown (20 inches)

Kumihimo 32 slot foam round loom

Metal cone beads

Metal cone beads

Jewelry Glue or super glue

20 gauge wire in finish to match toggle and cones

Wire cutters

 Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers


Gather your 8 strands and tie an overhand knot at one end.  Arrange the 8 strands on the loom as shown, with the knot in the hole in the middle.  I keep similar colors in pairs, but play with your string arrangement for different effects.  There are tons of online patterns for free as well.

How to make a friendship bracelet

Weave as I show you in this quick video:

When cord is an inch or so longer than the final size you want, bind off each end like below.  Before removing braid from loom, bind with thread like in the first step.

How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

What do you think?  I have been playing with necklaces using this technique, which you will be seeing soon.  In the meantime, try it out.  I think you’ll love it.  It is meditative and simple, with endless design possibilities.  What better stash buster is there?

How to Make Bracelets using Kumihimo foam disk @savedbyloves #jewelry #DIY #crafts

For tons more bracelets, see our tutorials page, and of course our 50+ bracelet round-up!

Curbside Chaos Yard Makeover Results!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Curbside Chaos, a cool site about all things gardening, picked one lucky winner to recieve a $5,000 yard makeover.  Watch as Ruth from Fairfax, Virginia gets a backyard transformation.

Oh how I would have loved to have won that outdoor revamp.  If only you could see how badly we need it.  I should have entered!  Please Taniya Nayak, come on over anytime.  I love that they incorporated bulbs of several different flowers to bring color pops to the yard.  Bulbs are so simple, just dig, drop, done, and viola… beautiful blooms year after year.

I would be all for that with my makeover.  How about you?  There is a handy tool you can use called the Garden Guru advises you on what bulbs are best for your part of the country and how/when to plant them to bloom when you want.

Here is how it went for me:

Step 1:  Pick your area

Garden Guru Tool

Step 2: Pick when you want Blooms:

Recommended Bulbs:


You can click on each of the four recommendations for instructions and shopping list!

See how simple?  I am no gardener, and I could definitely handle bulbs.  Besides, bulbs are not just for the gard.  They have so many creative uses to, such as gifts and home decor. 

Dig. Drop. Done. has put together a campaign to motivate you to plant bulbs and make your world more beautiful.  There are three characters; Marcy the supermom, Juliana the fashionista and Evelyn the empty nester. I can relate the most to Juliana, who is new to gardening and doesn't want to chip a nail.  I love that her bulbs were so easy to plant that she forgot she did it, and was surprised to see the blooms that spring.  That totally sounds like a "me" moment.  She shows how you can even spruce up your apartment balcony by planting bulbs.  No need for a yard!  The ladies all have tips and tricks, delivered in entertaining, informative, hilarious videos;  visit to learn more

Did you know:  Every Twitter share with the hashtag #CurbsideChaos, "Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done." donates $1.00 to Rebuilding Together.  This is the nation’s leading nonprofit, working to preserve affordable homeownership and revitalize communities.  Lets tweet this as much as possible and contribute to an awesome cause with a simple click!

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How to Make a Wood Pallet Desk

#WoodPallet #upcycle to desk at Thistlewood Farm #DIY #crafts

If I know anything about my readers, it is that you love repurposed pallet projects as much as I do.  Kari Anne at Thistlewood Farm has a pallet top desk upcycle that you don’t want to miss.  Like all her projects, this desk has a farmhouse feel that is inviting and warm.

For more wood pallet projects, click the thumbnail to our 50+ Wood Pallet Craft Round-up:

DIY Doormat Using Wood & Rope

DIY wood and rope doormat by Domestic Imperfection featured @savedbyloves #Woodworking #DIYI am crushing hard on this DIY doormat from 2×2 wood and rope by Dosmestic Imperfection.  We need a new one, and this is the solution.  What a great idea!  Stop by to see how Ashley did it, in her detailed photo tutorial.