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50+ Ways to Repurpose Shutters

50 ways to upcycle old shutters from savedbylovecreations.comIt is 50+ round-up time again.  Don’t you know by now that I love repurposed projects, eco-friendly decor, pretty much anything upcycled?  That is why I am bringing you a ton of ideas for reusing shutters to bring unique, inexpensive flair to your decor.  Oh how I want to make side tables and fun displays from old shutters.  I just so happened to score a sweet wooden pair last weekend for $5.

Motivating Facebook App by Tom’s of Maine

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tom's of Maine

Do you tend to make plans to be more eco-friendly, healthy, kind, giving, hard working, & productive, but find it difficult to carve out a spot in each day for all these aspirations?  If so, you are not alone.  Finding balance in this world of constant stimulation is not easy.  I am a fan of anything that can encourage me to be a better version of myself.  Every little bit helps.  That is why I appreciate Tom’s of Maine Good First application on Facebook.

This app begins by posing the question “What did you put first today that made you feel especially good?”  You answer by choosing from the following 5 options;

  • Helping People
  • Helping Animals
  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy Living
  • Caring for Mother Earth

What I like about this is that when I see the list of 5 categories of positive actions, it gets my mind going in the right direction for the day.  Not only that, but it keeps me accountable to my FB family by sharing my answer on my timeline.  The first time I used it, I had a friend comment and share with me that seeing the "put healthy living first" photo posted by the app on my timeline gave her the boost she needed to get off the couch and go for an evening run.  The app will also show you any friends who have chosen the same category.  How cool! 

Here is what the post looks like on my timeline.

Good First App Tom's of Maine


This is a fantastic tool to help keep attributes you want to manifest at the forefront of your mind throughout the day, while inspiring and learning more about your Facebook friends. 

What are you doing to be your best?  I would love to hear your stories.  You inspire me! 

To keep up with Tom's and all they are doing to create a healthy, happy Earth, join me in following them here:

Tom's of Maine on Twitter

Tom's of Maine on Pinterest


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DIY Olympic T-Shirts With Tulip Fabric Markers & Paint

Make your own Olympic T-Shirt with Tulip fabric markers/paint and contact paper stencils at savedbylovecreations.comWe are super into the track and field Olympic events.  Last weekend was the women’s Marathon, and I was glued to the T.V.  My husband’s favorite Olympic event is the men’s marathon.  His favorite runner, Ryan Hall.  The race takes place in just a few days, and I wanted to make us T-shirts to show our support for the amazing U.S. athletes.  These were simple to make, and I love the outcome I got from layering Tulip soft fabric paint in a neutral shade over Tulip neon fabric markers in various hues.

You will see in the video, I used my Cricut to cut out stencils from adhesive vinyl contact paper (which you can get at the dollar store for a buck).  I colored with bright Tulip fabric markers, then did an overlay with Tulip soft fabric paint, letting the bright layer show through in some areas.  The effect turned out pretty cool.  Check out the quick video to see the process.

Make your own Olympic T-Shirt with Tulip fabric markers/paint and contact paper stencils at

*** If you don’t have a cricut or other die cut, you can print off your design and cut out the letters to create a stencil from paper or card stock.  Then use stencil adhesive or masking tape to make the stencil stay in place on the shirt.

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Debi’s Design Diary; Great Video Tutorial Channel

Debi's Design

Did I get you attention with the gorgeous woman?  It wasn’t a ploy.  This article is all about her.  I recently took the leap and began doing video tutorials.  In finding my way around the process of shooting, and editing (which I am still very much doing), I asked for help.  That is how I met Debi, of Debi’s Design Diary.  She piped right in to give me some great tips, but what really got my attention was actually watching her videos.  If you can make me laugh and teach me to make something really cool while you are doing it, you have won my heart.  This woman is not only super crazy talented at design, but she is freaking hilarious (and down right adorable, as you can see).  Don’t even get me started on the puppy.   I am so excited to share this gem with you!

Debi's Design Diary

It was hard to decide which video to feature.  All of them make me want to get busy creating. I picked this one because I have a hideous love seat in need of a revamp.  You will have to go to Debi’s YouTube Channel for more.  If you are like me, this will be one of your favorite channels.  Debi’s blog is here, and her FB page here.

Video Tutorial: Make Cut Wine Bottle Vases

Cut wine bottles and make adorable Vases/jars/candle holders.  Video DIY at

Need a beautiful, quick gift that is free to make?  This recycled wine bottle craft is just the thing.  It is super fun, you will see in the video.  It only takes a few supplies and a minute to make.  Stick a paper rose in there (see this paper rose tutorial) and you have a lovely centerpiece or house warming gift.  I was completely intimidated by this project.  I can’t believe how easy it is.  Gather up some empty wine bottles and lets go!

PLEASE be careful and wear goggles and gloves.  This project is very easy, but involves fire and glass.  The edges after cutting were dull enough that my fingers were fine after running them along the rim, but I did decide to sand with 120 grit sand paper before giving as gifts.

Cut wine bottles and make adorable Vases/jars/candle holders.  Video DIY at


Cut wine bottles and make adorable Vases/jars/candle holders.  Video DIY at

EK Tools Doily Petal Lighted Flower Bouquet

EK Tools paper punched flower lighted bouquet at

If there is anything I love more than paper flowers, it may be lights.  That is why this paper flower lighted bouquet I made using the doily dimensional flower punch from EK tools is so exciting to me!  This project is super easy, and perfect for wedding or other party decor.  If you are like me, and love party decor all the time, just accessorize you home with these all year round!

EK tools dimensional flower lighted bouquet at

EK Tools Dimensional Doily Petal Flower Lighted Bouquet at

To make the flowers, watch this video I showed you in my lighted flower strings post.  Instead of the EK tools carnation punch, you will use the Ek tools  doily petal punch.  The rest of the flower process is the same.  Then just pick up a lighted LED branch and put your flowers on there but sticking the light through the hole in the center of the flower.

EK tools dimensional flower lighted bouquet at
What do you think?  What are your ideas for these beautiful EK tools dimensional flowers?

Video Tutorial: Button Bracelet

Make an #upcycle button bracelet with @savedbyloves #jewelryI was looking at my piles and piles of buttons, when it hit me that I have a serious problem.  I don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders.  Not a goal of mine.  That is when I decided to use some of them up by creating this easy, 5  minute bracelet.  I even shot a little video.  All you will need for this project is some buttons, a bracelet blank (I got mine at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $1.47) and some E6000 or other strong glue.

DIY Button Bracelet

Quick Video:

Want more Button Crafts?
50+ Button Projects

50+ DIY Lights, Lanterns & Luminaries

50+ DIY Luminaries

This week’s 50+ brings you inspiration for DIY illumination of all kinds.  From lanterns, to string lights to interesting lamps, decorative lighting is such a powerful way to create ambiance for whatever the occasion.  I hope you enjoy these ideas, and are moved to light up your world.


0ver 50 DIY Lights and Luminaries to Make @savedbyloves


DIY Moroccan Luminaries

Painted Glass Jars

At Cremedelacraft, learn to make these cheap, gorgeous, Moroccan style candle holders.  They look like something I would drool over at Pier One.  All you need to create your own is some glass containers and paint.  I am all over this project.

DIY Neon Planters

After last weeks 50+ neon projects, I have Day Glo on the brain.  I picked up these planters for super cheap, and went at them with some Krylon Dual and Rustoleum Fluorescent.  I am loving them to pieces.  This project could not be simpler.  Check out the process below…



Painter’s Tape

Krylon Dual Ivory

Neon spray paint

My porch is way funner than it was before this quick project!