EK Tools Doily Petal Lighted Flower Bouquet

EK Tools paper punched flower lighted bouquet at savedbylovecreations.com

If there is anything I love more than paper flowers, it may be lights.  That is why this paper flower lighted bouquet I made using the doily dimensional flower punch from EK tools is so exciting to me!  This project is super easy, and perfect for wedding or other party decor.  If you are like me, and love party decor all the time, just accessorize you home with these all year round!

EK tools dimensional flower lighted bouquet at savedbylovecreations.com

EK Tools Dimensional Doily Petal Flower Lighted Bouquet at savedbylovecreations.com

To make the flowers, watch this video I showed you in my lighted flower strings post.  Instead of the EK tools carnation punch, you will use the Ek tools  doily petal punch.  The rest of the flower process is the same.  Then just pick up a lighted LED branch and put your flowers on there but sticking the light through the hole in the center of the flower.

EK tools dimensional flower lighted bouquet at savedbylovecreations.com
What do you think?  What are your ideas for these beautiful EK tools dimensional flowers?


  1. Shirley Lupton says:

    These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow those are gorgeous! I love how that looks Johnnie!

  3. How pretty! I love using punches with paper crafts, and the lighted flowers are so cool and creative. I can see them for lots of different occasions. I bet they’d look great at Christmas with the rest of the lighted decorations.

  4. pretty

  5. This is so awesome I can’t even take it! Do they sell this magic punch at Michael’s I don’t think I can wait two days for delivery :)

  6. Kirsten Crawford says:

    I love the flowers! Honestly though if you are recording a video you really shouldn’t be chewing gum! I can’t stand the sound of someone smacking their gum!! It was a very informative video but next time you record one you should really leave the gum out of your mouth…. I am not trying to be mean just thought you should know you can totally hear it!


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