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Find it, Cut it, Put a Candle in it



This is another project made from materials I found while running.  Someone had discarded a perfectly good 4×4, and when I saw it, I immediately drew to mind this DIY votive holder from Jen at Tatertots and Jello.  I made my own version, decorated with scrapbook paper and flowers, embossed and cut with my Sizzix.  I didn’t have access to a drill press, so mine are more than imperfect.  Still, they look great.  I am gifting them to my stepdaughters.


DIY Votive Candle Holder From 4x4

Getting rid of the leftover hole was not easy.  It look pretty bad, and was uneven, so I poured resin in to level the surface for the candle.  After doing this project, I learned about spade drill bits.  I have since purchased one from Lowes that is 1.5 in, and have not yet used it.  I will update this post when I do.  It seems like it would be way easier for this type of project, since it gets rid of the middle circle area.

To decorate the candle holders, I used Mod Podge to adhere paper that I had embossed with Sizzix.  I attached paper flowers I made with my Cricut.

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DIY Twig Flower Pot

DIY Twig Flower Pot

Bring some of the outside in, with this eco-friendly twig vase DIY at Nini Makes.  What a cheap, creative way to display your wildflowers, or gift that gorgeous bouquet.

Tin Can Lantern DIY

Repurpose Tin Cans

Impress your guests and Illuminate your backyard event with these adorable tin can lanterns from Grow Creative.  It doesn’t get much cheaper than free.

Clay Rose Bib Necklace

Neon Clay Rose Bib Necklace

Imagine my delight when I discovered a sweet little handmade boutique in my small southern Indiana hometown.  The name, Rust and Roses, the style, fantastic!  I quickly tracked down the owner, Mandy, who was busy painting away on another upcycled home decor accessory to add to her charming, modern/vintage inventory. From gorgeous paper crafts to found objects jewelry to chalk paint coffee tables, Mandy has a passion for handmade that combines with an vintage ephemeral taste to create a store I can get behind 100%.

We chatted the afternoon away, and I bought these fun air dry clay roses.  I ended up painting the 2 white ones gray to fit into this neon clay rose bib necklace.

Clay flower necklace

To create the necklace, I glued each rose onto a washer and strung wire and cord through the washers to get the shape.  Then I attached silver chain to the wire on both sides.  Super easy.

Clay flower necklaceClay flower necklace

You will be hearing more about this little treasure of a shop.  Join me in liking the Rust and Roses FB page and let’s encourage this wonderful handmade (way under-priced in my opinion) boutique.  When Mandy gets her website going, I will be all over it, and passing the love on to my dear readers.

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Check out these beautiful DIY Mason Jar solar lights from Free People.  There is plenty of summer left to make these, and they can replace my dollar tree patriotic solar lights that still line the sidewalk from the 4th of July.  Genius.

Ebook Review: Suzy’s Majestic Peacock

Majestic Peacock EbookWhen I was approached to review Suzy’s (as in Suzy’s Sitcom) Majestic Peacock Ebook, I jumped at the chance.  A long time fan of her projects, I knew I would love her first E-book.  I was right.  She has a way of creating stunning pieces that look like they could only be done by an expert, and explaining the process in such a way that anyone can do it.  I could go on and on about her talent, but lets talk about the book.

This book has Suzy’s majestic peacock pattern, and the instructions for how to use the pattern in making these 2 gorgeous projects:

Faux Stained Glass Peacock Tutorial

Majestic Peacock Quilted Table Runner

Majestic Peacock Quilted Table Runner

 Click here to visit Suzys Artsy Craftsy Sitcom.

I have always wanted to create the look of stained glass art.  After buying gallery glass and leading for a simple striped vase, I decided I couldn’t really afford to go crazy with that technique.  Suzy’s ebook demonstrates how to create the look with a few simple supplies that most of us have on hand.  I love the peacock design, and after going through the detailed, step by step, photo tutorial, I have a million other ideas in my head.  The possibilities are unlimited with this technique, it is simple, and super affordable.

The Table Runner involves a batik with crayon technique that I first saw at Suzy’s Sitcom a couple of years back.  I have done the tutorial with great success, and sold the few pieces I made.  Pair the batik process with the peacock pattern and some basic quilting techniques and you have nailed the 2nd project.

In addition to the 2 projects, Suzy wraps up the Ebook with 7 other project ideas using the techniques she has taught you and the peacock pattern.  I am having a hard time not telling you about the bonus ideas, but you are going to have to buy the book for that. They are great ideas for handmade, custom gifts for the holidays, or to sell in your Etsy store.

How much does it cost?  So glad you asked…

Starting July 27th, the book is launching at a special price of $7.  August 3rd the price will go back to it’s regular $10.

 CLICK HERE to buy this Wonderful Majestic Peacock Ebook!

From beginner to advanced crafter, you will be inspired to create.

DISCLAIMER:  I received a free copy of the Ebook to review.   I am also an affiliate.  That is because I truly love it.  All opinions are honest and mine.

50+ Neon Projects to Make

Neon DIY craft ideas

As a child of the 80’s, this collection takes me back!  I was resistant to the huge neon comeback at first, but now I am running with it.  I especially love the look of the bright colors with neutrals, like canvas and burlap.  Here are over 50 ideas to get you in neon without having to spend much $$$.  Grab your sunglasses and be inspired.  If you have a project you would like included in this roundup, just email me.  My info is under the Contact tab at the top of the page.  Enjoy.

Turn That Suitcase Into a Table

Repurposed suitcase table

I have recently come into an abundance of old suitcases.  There are three of them I have picked up during the summer’s junkin’ adventures.  I was thinking I would decoupage them, but then I spied this repurposed suitcase table at Stars for Streetlights.  What a great way to create unique storage that is functional and looks super cool.  Maybe I will decoupage and make a table…

Do you have any suitcase upcycle ideas?

Video: Paper Flowers and Flower Light Strings

Paper Flower Light Strings

I found this great EK Tools 3D flower paper punch at Michael’s and just had to feed my paper flower addiction.  The punch is super easy and fun to use.  You will see in the video tutorial below, straight out of the package, you will be making gorgeous flowers.  This is a great alternative to investing in a die cut machine, if you just want to get a taste.

All you need is the punch, a bamboo skewer, scrapbook paper 12×12 sheets and glue. When you are finished with the flowers, you can use them several different ways.  I dipped my flowers in Outdoor Mod Podge, then used an LED battery operated string of lights to make flower string lights.  The Mod Podge step is not necessary unless you need them sealed.  My next plan is to use coordinating papers and make a bouquet.

What do you do with your paper flowers?



Creative Space Printable Trio

Yesterday at Printable Decor, I share these Z Gallerie inspired prints I created in Photoshop.  They are available for you to download and print, size 11×14.  Add some color to your creative space with this free printable trio.