Macrame Bracelets

I have been showing you all kinds of bracelets lately, since I am obsessed with stacking them on my arm.  This is what we ended up with after a recently girls craft day.  We got the inspiration from Honestly WTF’s DIY macrame bracelet tutorial.  We didn’t have the chinese knotting cord they referenced, so we just used hemp for the dark blue bracelet, and waxed cotton knotting cord from Joann’s.

Macrame Bracelets

DIY Macrame Bracelets

This is a great girl’s night craft.  Once you get the hang of macrame knotting, they work up quickly.  The embellishment options are endless.  I am sure you will be seeing more variations of these around here!


  1. Love all you do, thanks for sharing. Janet

  2. pretty

  3. How did you finish the bracelets? Did you put a clasp on them? These are beautiful!

  4. Can you do a tutorial on finishing up the bracelets? I made several of these and absolutely could not get the finishing touch to end the bracelet. I sent an email to WTF asking same question and no reply. I just love, love, love the look! Thank you.


  1. […] For the other 2 T-shirt bracelets, I did macrame knotting.  Just start out like I showed you above, making a loop at one end .  Then follow the macrame instructions I linked in this macrame bracelet DIY. […]

  2. […] at A Few Good Things.  They used the macrame closure from Honestly WTF that I told you about in my macrame bracelet DIY post.  I can’t wait to try this project.  According to the tutorial, the mason line is available […]

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