Sunshine Printable Subway Art On Canvas

DIY Canvas art with printable

Love and Sunshine Printable

I needed to bring some summer into my decor, so I created this love and sunshine subway art printable to fit an 11×14 canvas I picked up from a recent garage sale.

I had the print done at Staples; 2 for just over $1.

Canvas $0.75.

I cut the print to fit the canvas, covered the back of the print and the canvas with a light coat of matte gel medium, then placed the print onto the canvas.  I smoothed out wrinkles with my hands from the center of the print out to the edges, then went over it with a brayer to make sure there were no bubbles left.

I went over the entire canvas with a layer of matte gel, let dry and that is it!

Subway art printable

For less than $2, I am loving it.

The link at the beginning of the post takes you to the printable at Printable Decor.



  1. Ok I am looking at my window here in Seattle and it’s raining like a mother, and it’s cold and gray. I think you subconsciously made for this for me! xo

  2. Hi! I am a follower via email. I want you to know how much I enjoy seeing your creations. Thank you for the great tutorials. You mentioned having the print done at Staples for $1.00. When I uploaded a photo, the shopping cart said $8.00. I wonder, were they running a special?


    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Thank you Tresa, for the kind words! If you are getting a print done on cardstock or regular copy paper, it should only be around $1-2 at the most. That goes for Office Max, Staples and Office Depot. I wonder if you are getting it done as a photo, on photo paper? Is there a charge for ordering online (I always go in person with a USB stick containing the files I want printed).

  3. That turned out too cute – I love the colours and the quote is perfect!

  4. that is too cute! love the colors and the saying.

  5. Love this Johnnie! Great idea and it’s the perfect price!!
    xo Becca

  6. The art really looks wonderful. Thanks for the share.

  7. This tutorial is just what I was looking for to complete a similar project! I was having trouble figure out what materials to use besides the canvas and the printable! Yea, I’m new at this. Is matte gel the brand name? Would michaels or ac moore carry it?
    Also based on your project with the card stock, if I were to do the printable on photo paper would the paper bubble or be resistant to stay on the canvas using the gel? Thanks for listening AND for posting!


  8. Hi! this blog post is still running over pinterest but the Printable Decor link is now a dead link. It would be awesome if you could update it with a fresh download link. :)


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