Nrelate Plugin Review

When I was asked to write about nrelate, I jumped at the chance, as I have been quite pleased with this plugin for a number of reasons.  If you don’t know what nrelate does, it is a related posts plugin (displays thumbnails of related content under current post). I started using it here at SBLC several months back as a way to get more of my content in front of interested eyes, and to monetize in a non-obtrusive way.

The plugin is super easy to set up.  I love that I can customize the thumbnails to fit my post layout, the posts that it pulls to show as thumbnails are relevant, my pageviews have increased by 10% since adding it, and I have the option to monetize by displaying a sponsored thumbnail.

Nrelate is SEO friendly (doesn’t redirect to nelate’s site as many other related post plugins do), you can include thumbnails from your blog roll or your other sites, and they will help you install and style the plug-in if need be. I am a fan of the fact that you can exclude categories from showing up by checking a box – handy for past giveaways or sponsored posts that you don’t necessarily want to display.

I recommend this plugin to anyone wanting to increase pageviews and add a new revenue source.  Nrelate is available as a WordPress plugin as well as a Blogger Gadget.

Click for nrelate Blogger install

Click for nrelate WordPress install


***Disclosure:  I received payment for this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are authentically mine.