Haylie’s Handmade – Crochet Meets Compassion

Crochet projects This is one of the most exciting features I have been blessed to share with you here at SBLC.  My family and I headed out for some Saturday morning garage sales and our very first stop was quite the treat.  We happened to spy a sign that said craft sale, so we tracked down the address, and here is what we walked upon...

Crochet for a cause

This bright and energetic young lady is Haylie of Haylie's Handmade.  She is an 18 year old with a passion for crochet, and a drive to help those in need.  I am amazed at how many beautiful pieces she had on display as she explained the charity she is contributing to with her earnings. Are you kidding me?  Check this out...

Handmand Crochet for CharityAt 18, I was not thinking "entrepreneur and charity".  I had to know more about this girl.  In Haylie's words...

I started learning how to crochet when I was twelve.  I got interested in it by watching my grandmother do it.  She started teaching me then.  When I was fourteen I liked crocheting so much that I decided to start my own business.  At first I only made blankets but as time when by I learned how to make potholders, scarves, placemats and lots of other things.  When I’m not crocheting I spend a lot of time studying.  I’m home schooled. I go to Indiana University High School. It is a correspondence program for high school students through Indiana University.  I’m currently working on getting my honors diploma.  I also enjoy Girl Scouts. I am starting to work on my Girl Scout Gold Award which is the highest award.  The way that I got interested in the charity that I am helping which is called Ivory Coast Mothers and Children was because of my friend.   I found out about what my friend was trying to do to help suffering mothers and babies that have HIV/AIDS in the Ivory Coast and I was really shocked by it.  I couldn’t believe all the suffering and poorness that the villagers of Braffoueby which is the village in the Ivory Coast that I am helping were going through.  I don’t think that it is right for pregnant women to have to walk fifty miles down a dirt road to the nearest health center. I was affected by what I heard and I decided to use my skills and business to help raise money for them.  I donate 20% of my sales to this charity.   I have been raising for Ivory Coast Mothers and Children since October of 2010 and I have already raised over $1000.

What an inspiration!  We met Haylie's mother, who explained that the girl has always wanted to have a business, and fundraising is in her blood.  Apparently so is crochet!  She has some adorable items, and is happy to make custom items to meet your needs.  Contact Haylie at her website, Haylie's Handmade, and support this amazing young woman as she crochet's her way to a better world.

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