Needle Felt Jewelry

Needle felt pendant tutorial

Inspired by this week’s felt project round-up, I gave needle felt jewelry a go.  I played with this briefly to add dots to this felt mushroom a couple of years back, so am a novice to this technique.  It is very easy to pick up, and pretty quick for small jewelry projects like this.

Needle Felt Jewelry

As with most things I create lately, I used my sizzix to cut shapes for these pieces.  For example, for the ring, I die cut 2 small orange circles from a sheet of wool felt and needle punched them together to form the disk shape.  I hand  cut a white felt triange and punched it to the top of the disk.  The blue outline is needle punched wool yarn.  I used a darning needle to create a hole in the disk and thread my wire through it to make a wire wrap ring.Needle felt wire wrap ring

For the pendant, I used 2 larger die cut circles for the base, then needle felted the inner and outer circle shapes and triangle on top of that.  The finished piece is glued to a button using E6000.

Needle felt pendant tutorial

I will definitely be doing more of this.  I wish there was a way I could needle felt without poking my fingers, but what is a little blood for the sake of crafting?


  1. Wow! very creative.. I like the style and how it done.Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I can add this in my business.

  2. Debra Kapellakis says:

    I rarely wear jewelry but I like the colors you used here. They calm me.

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