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DIY Pen/Pencil Storage From Garage Sale Frame

Craft StorageHere is my first of several posts leading to my craft room organization reveal.  I made this from a $2 framed painting I found at a garage sale.  I simply spray painted the frame black and mounted 2 cafe rods to the front.  Shower curtain rings and silver tins I got from the dollar store provide the marker containers.  It is so much better than the basket I had them in before.  Now I can see all the colors and they are right there to grab when I need them!  I am going to use the top for scrapbooking embellishments still in the package.

How to organize craft supplies

Here is the $2 picture.  Not sure what I am going to do with the canvas, but the frame is working for me!

Craft Room Organization

Kid’s Craft Idea; Balloon Embellished Accessories

Camp Craft Ideas

Need an easy, fun craft to do with the kids this summer? How about balloon embellished flip flops and headbands.  No mess, simple, inexpensive and cute, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser amongst the girls.  The boys will probably be tempted to make water balloons, so be prepared for that.

Summer crafts for kidsI saw this project on a recent trip to Hobby Lobby.  Simply tie the balloons in a knot onto the accessory and you have it.  Go rainbow, or stick to your favorite colors.

More on Craft Organization

Magnetic tin storage

Organizing is on the brain here at SBLC.  Magnetic tin storage is one idea I have yet to incorporate into my soon to be revealed craft room revamp.  This would be perfect for small embellishments, and it has the 2 most important storage traits I can think of for crafts; it uses vertical space, and you can see what is in the container.  There are several tutorials on how to make this happen, like this magnetic spice rack how to.  I also found this  magnetic tin storage system ready to install.

Do you use this?  I am thinking cookie sheet mounted to wall, or magnetic paint on plywood.  I have never used the stuff.  So many decisions!

50+ Things to Make From Old Books

Book Page Crafts

Have fun with this extensive list of ideas to use your old books in cool projects!

Under $10; Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make


Over 60 Mother's Day Gifts to make for less than $10 @savedbyloves


Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. I gathered up some great handmade gift ideas with mom in mind, that you can make yourself for under $10. With jewelry, photo, spa and home gifts to choose from, you will find something just perfect for your mom and she will love that you made it for her.






Thrifty Thursday Week 72



Welcome to Thrifty Thursday!!!

I am so excited to see what you are up to.  I am in organize mode, so haven’t created for several days now.  I will be living vicariously through your lovely projects.

If you are new, we are thrilled to have you.  Take a look around at the awesome projects, and share your own.  If you are back, thank you for visiting again.  You are what makes this an inspiring DIY/craft project round-up!


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Make Bath Salts

Carolyn at Homework made lovely lavender bath salts and potpourri.  This would be a great addition to my 50 handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas under $10!

Kleenex Flower DIY

At Amber May Be, learn how to make these sweet flowers from Kleenex.  I love how she put them with the pink roses in the crystal bowl.  Another Mother’s Day gift idea?

Craft Room Organization at It’s Finest

Organize Craft RoomAre you constantly searching for your scissors amidst piles of unsorted craft stash?  Find it easier sometimes to just go buy another whatever it is because it would be way quicker than finding it in your mess of a creative space?  Karen from Sew Many Ways has set the bar high in craft room organization.  In sorting through my cyclone of a  studio, I came across her most updated Sewing/Craft room post and just had to share this with you.

If you are like me, you didn’t even know this was possible.  In fact, when I looked at her first picture, I almost read no further because I thought “no way”.  But, as you will see when you go to her post, Karen walks you through her various budget friendly storage solutions, step by step.

Remember this…

Organizing your crafts

I am nowhere near a reveal, but much closer than I would have been without inspiration from Karen.  Thank you for sharing with us in such detail!!

Stay tuned!

Sizzix Cut & Embossed Painted Can Flower

Upcycled Can PendantHere is a cool Mother’s Day gift idea.  This gorgeous flower pendant is made from an aluminum can and a copper rivet joining the 3 layers.  It really couldn’t be simpler or less expensive.  Mom will love it’s uniqueness.  You can paint it to suit her tastes and she will have a heartfelt, handmade gift on her day.

Handmade Mother's Day gift idea


Rinse and cut your aluminum can to a sheet that fits your die.  Cut two flower shapes and a circle.  Emboss the flower shapes and hammer the circle into a dome shape.  Paint petals as desired with acrylic paint.  If you like the colors on the can, no need to paint.   I used Lumiere and sealed with Krylon Clear Coat.

When that dries, connect layers with rivet or eyelet.  Punch hole in back most flower petal in for a jump ring and add your choice of chain or cord.  That is it.

Upcycled Jewelry Tutorial

DIY Mother's Day gift

Printable Mother’s Day Card

Printable Mothers Day CardI was inspired by this month’s Paper Crafts Magazine to design a Mother’s Day card.  Here, I printed it at 5,75 in x 4 in and mounted it with foam stickies onto a brown card blank measuring 6.25 in x 4.5 in.  Easy!

You could also just print and fold into a card on white card stock.

Here are the color schemes:

Free Printable Mother's Day Card

To download the full size image for print, visit my other site,  Printable Decor.

Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Organization

I have never been one for organizing.  Not once.  It wasn’t a big deal when I first started crafting, but over the last few years, my supplies have accumulated.  It is hard to walk into this room and feel inspired and creative.  I honestly don’t even know what all is in there, much less where to find it.  Admittedly, I know of several supplies I have just gone out and bought again after futile searching.

Craft room organization

That is why I have spent the last 2 days in craft room overhaul mode.  I am still in the middle of it, I am exhaused, my spraypaint finger hurts, and I would much rather be creating.  That said, I can tell I am going to be so glad I finally tackled this daunting task.  Stay tuned for the reveal, and some organizing tips and tricks to keep you sane and help make the most or your creative time and space.