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Z Gallerie Mirror

I had the opportunity to check out Z Gallerie in person a couple of weeks ago.  My phone camera was busy!  Interior decorating is not my gift, so I love soaking in the display settings for fantastic arrangement ideas that I would never come up with on my own.

Z Gallerie Ruffle Pillow

A few things that caught my eye are; luscious black ornate mirror ($399), ruffle pillows, yummy color pallets, fabric designs, numbered accessories, distressed frames, lotus flowers…


Z Gallerie Bedding

Quatrefoil always does it for me!

Quatrefoil pattern

What are your favorite design trends?  Are you sick of chevron and quatrefoil yet?  Not I!


  1. I always forget about Z Galleries–need to go visit one to look at accessories for our bedroom! Love the quarterfoil right now!

  2. I looooove the quatrefoil bedding you have a picture of on here…where is this from I would love to buy it!

  3. I love the ruffle pillows! I’m a Z Gallerie junkie and my husband has given me the approval to redo our bedroom so I’m on gorgeous overload. I want modern glam with silver, charcoal and white palette with lots of shiny accents. I’m looking at textures with faux fur like accent pillows and throws. I’d love a new headboard but I don’t think the budget allows for that right now. When it does though, I’m looking at the tufted leather ones. My husband is ridiculously handy and I may just play the ‘Oh, I bet you can’t make one’ game. That always present a challenge he can’t resist! Thanks for the pics. Our Z Gallerie is an hour away and that’s a trip that requires a babysitter.

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