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Flowers You Can Make and How to Have Fabulous Blog Post Photo Layout

Organza flowers

Since getting my new iPhone, I am a photo snapping fool. How fun is Instagram, by the way.  Best photo app ever. 

Paper Flowers

These flowers come from Hobby Lobby, and a wonderful craft store in St. Pete called Whim-So-Doodle. I am going way more in depth about this jewel of a shop in a future post, where I will show you a Tim Holtz tissue tape make and take I got to photograph.


Flower embellishment

With the gorgeous spring weather stretch we are enjoying here in the mid west, some flower inspiration seemed like the perfect thing to share. Aren’t these gorgeous? You can totally make them (and then send them to me, if you would like, or whatever).


Flower embellishment

Are you thinking to yourself, “How did she get her photos in those cool overlays?”? I have been dying to post about Pugly Pixel for the past month. If you don’t know about this awesome blog, you are in for a treat. Katrina shares her love for photography and design in the form of beautiful blog post photos, tons of graphic elements for you to make your blog pop, photoshop tutorials you can easily follow, and much more. There are many freebies (including the photo overlays you asked about above, in the post you are reading right now), photoshop brushes/shapes, blog post photo layouts… I could go on and on, but just go there. There is a membership option that is very reasonable. I purchased a blog bling package, which is what I used in my recent blog design makeover that many of you have complimented. Katrina truly shares what she loves, so you will find posts that lead you to other great design finds and tips. Grab some coffee and get comfy. I get lost in her posts every time I visit.


Flower embellishment

My favorite download from Pugley Pixel has been the blog photo post layouts, which are available both free and for purchase. I have been using a couple of the free sets to style my posts, and I LOVE them. The templates are fully customizable (PSD layers), allowing  you to drop your photos in various collage windows, and add text and label shapes easily,for interesting, modern, clean post layouts everytime.  If that sounds intimidating to you, take comfort in the fact that Katrina walks you through how to use her downloads, in detailed screencasts.

 Not only do I love the design of my articles, but the time saved by using the templates is significant. Love… yes, love.

 Here is a photo from the first time I used the templates…

Blog post photo tips

Check out this example from Pugley Pixel using her freebie photo layout found here.

Make your posts look great

There are a million more things I want to show you from this site. I just found new brushes for enumerating your pictures that I must download now, so you are on your own to explore Pugley Pixel. See you there.

Thank you so much for your beautiful graphics and information, Katrina!

Make Your Own Word Stamp From Poly Clay

Polymer Clay Tutorial

I picked up a new polymer clay book, Polymer Clay 101, and am excited to share with you my first project from it.  This is super handy if you want a specific word or shape in a specific size for your clay pieces.  In my case, there are about five spiritual/inspirational words that I use over and over in my pendants and charms.  With rubber stamp words available for purchase, I am limited in what I can create.  Here you will see how to use polymer clay to make a word stamp for clay that you can use again and again!

Polymer Clay Tutorial Book

Polymer Clay Tutorials

I am assuming some polymer clay experience in this brief overview of the process.  For way better pics, and more details, get the book.  It comes with a DVD, which I have not had a chance to view, but if this project is any indication, it is a good addition to your clay arsenal.

ADDENDUM:  I just found a really detailed photo tutorial using a very similar polymer clay technique at Polymer Clay Central.  The big difference is they didn’t use a printed word for their snake to trace, and I think their way may be simpler.  I will let you know when I try!

Polymer Clay Stamp

TIP:  I thought my stamp looked horrible, and was about to scrap it, when something told me to give it a shot.  I am so happy I didn’t toss it.  I love how the pendants turned out.  You can use a needle tool to carve out any areas that you need to to make the word impression more even.  I didn’t even do that here.  I like the handwritten quality to the word in my final pieces.

Polymer Clay Stamp

*For the flower and butterfly stamps, I cut a the shapes out of clay using tiny cookie cutters specifically for clay, and baked them onto a clay base like I did the words above.

50+ Burlap Decor Projects

Burlap DIY Decor

This has been my favorite 50+ list to date.  Let’s just say, I have burlap coffee bags coming in the mail from all over.  I can’t wait to get to work on some of these beautiful burlap creations.  From wedding decor to curtains to coasters, let this round-up stretch your mind and help bust through your burlap stash (or cause you to order some, like I did)!


I have had so many inquiries about where to get burlap, that I wanted to share with you a great source for all things burlap:

Order Burlap at low prices

You can find them on Pinterest to keep up with burlap decor projects and more!

Thrifty Thursday Week 66

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Gallery wall

I am coveting this gallery wall from Katie at Creatively Living.  It is even more impressive when you see the room’s before pic.

Z. Gallerie Subway art Knock off

Becca at Gardners 2 Bergers walks you step by step through this Z. Gallerie subway art knock-off.

DIY fancy door

Go visit the Hell on Heels Housewife to see how Maggie took her boring stock doors from drab to fabulous.  I

am so excited to try this!  Check out the before…

door makeover


Books as Decor

Book DecorUsing books as decor is a popular design trend, and an easy, inexpensive way to accessorize your space.  There

are several ways to go with this.  You can wrap them in brown craft paper with other decorative paper like

the above arrangement I encountered at a local flea market.  Stacking them and wrapping twine around

them works fabulously, and allows you to get the height you need for the space.

This is a photo I shot on a recent visit to Ballard’s.  They had books on most available surfaces. Emily

at Decor Chic found this image in the Ballard catalog…

Ballard Designs accessories

She recreated the look…

Ballard Designs accessories

Go see how she went about her Ballard Designs knock off.

If you have tons of books you are thinking about sending to Goodwill,

dive into your paper stash and give them new life, while stepping

up your decor for little to no cost!

Looking for more book decor ideas?

Book page vase

How to Make a Vase From Old Book Pages

Reader Made Magazine Page Bowl

One of my absolute favorite things, ever (got it?), is when readers share projects they have completed that were inspired by something posted here at SBLC.  That is just so cool.  A huge reason I started blogging was out of gratitude for all the creative bloggers that put the necessary time and energy into sharing their projects.  I wanted to contribute in that way, and I think that is true for most of us.  That is why it means so much to see your projects inspired by me, which brings me to this beautiful magazine page bowl at Crab + Fish…

Crab did a fantastic job, and she  is humble to say the least.  Check out her detailed recycled paper bowl tutorial inspired by this magazine page bowl I shared with you awhile ago.

Recycled paper bowl

She used tape, which is something I hadn’t considered.  I may have to try that next time!

Have you completed a project inspired by SBLC that you would like to see featured?  I would love to see it.

Polymer Clay Pendants {Inspired}

Polymer Clay Pendants

A recent beach vacation left me inspired to break out the polymer clay again, after a

long hiatus!  It happened when I walked upon a vendor on the pier, with beautiful

handmade polymer clay pendants, unlike any I had seen.  I asked her what

she used to color her pieces so vibrantly… acrylic paint!  Who knew?

I had actually never done that.  It is so obvious.  I have used mica

powders, pigment inks, copic markers, chalk… pretty much everything but

good ol’ acrylic paint.  The artist recommended

using toothpicks to apply the paint, so I came home and

gave it a shot…

All I did for these was condition white clay into a sheet, stamp on it, cut out

into various shapes with craft knife, then bake.  I painted them

after they cured.  For some of the lettering I ended up using

PITT artist pens.

Polymer Clay Pendants

These were fun and simple to make.  Etching in raw clay makes the artist in me all smiles.

Try it.  You will love it!

Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial

Dr. OZ’s Top 5 Spices to Combat Aging

Dr. Oz Top 5 Anti-aging Spices

Watching Dr. Oz a couple of weeks ago, I took notes so I could share with you these recent findings on the ability of 5 common spices to combat the effects of aging on the human body.  Incorporating these spices into our daily diet can greatly decrease cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, pain from arthritis, and other common ailments that accompany  aging.


5.  Apple Pie Spice; Healthy Heart

Ginger is the main component of this spice mixture, and has anti-inflammatory effects that keep your heart young by preventing atherosclerosis (blocked arteries).

4.  Jamaican All Spice; Digestive Health

Has anti-gas effects, aids digestion and keeps blood sugar under control (therefore keeping arteries young).

3.  Cinnamon; Arthritis Relief

Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory effects that relieve arthritis pain, as well as antibiotic properties that help prevent urinary tract infections, tooth decay and gum disease, and kill E.coli.

2.  Cloves; Combat Everything

Cloves are highest in antioxidants and help with arthritis pain, asthma, bronchitis and more!

1.  Turmeric; Fights Cancer and Alzheimer’s

Turmeric is widely used in India, and the prevalence of the four most-common US cancers is 10 times lower there.  The rate of Alzheimer’s among the elderly there is the lowest in the world.

Daily DIY: Cool New Site Alert

DIY projects

I was so excited when first learned of Daily Do It Yourself.  It is a site that was launched in November of 2011 by Jenna of SAS Interiors.

She wanted to create a place to showcase simple and easy DIY projects that anyone can create, complete with the functionality  for DIYers to submit their own creations.

“Through this interactive do-it-yourself blog, you will learn techniques, see solutions, and be inspired to do-it-yourself!  There is nothing like the motivation and inspiration of other DIYers to spark an idea or get your creative juices flowing, and DDIY will be the source for do-it-yourself inspiration pertaining to home decor, furniture, crafts, recipes, clothing, sewing, and holiday.”

Jenna features DIY projects in several categories, including Home Decor, Furniture, Crafts, Recipes, Clothing, Sewing and Holiday.  Here are just a few of the things you will find to get your creative wheels spinning…

Daily Do it Yourself Projects

Be sure to visit DDIY for tons more inspiration.  Say hello to Jenna, and check out SAS for amazing design projects that will leave you burning to get started on your own masterpiece!

50+ Wood Pallet Projects

Wood Pallet Projects


Over 50 Repurposed Wood Pallet Projects to make @savedbyloves


It is no secret that wood pallets can be repurposed into impressive furniture and decor, still this list will leave you wowed.  It is amazing what people have created from these abundant, often discarded resources that can usually be found for free with little effort.  Browse for inspiration, how to’s, and see what you can make of pallet wood!

Before the 50+ roundup, check out SBLCs ever growing list of woodworking projects, the majority of which include, or can be adapted to include, shipping pallet wood:
Woodworking Project Gallery Page

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50+ Wood Pallet Projects: