50+ Wood Pallet Projects

Wood Pallet Projects


Over 50 Repurposed Wood Pallet Projects to make @savedbyloves


It is no secret that wood pallets can be repurposed into impressive furniture and decor, still this list will leave you wowed.  It is amazing what people have created from these abundant, often discarded resources that can usually be found for free with little effort.  Browse for inspiration, how to’s, and see what you can make of pallet wood!

Before the 50+ roundup, check out SBLCs ever growing list of woodworking projects, the majority of which include, or can be adapted to include, shipping pallet wood:
Woodworking Project Gallery Page

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50+ Wood Pallet Projects:


  1. wow. ii am really loving the different bookshelves!

  2. wow really awesome creations, great recycling!!!

  3. Shirley Lupton says:

    I love all the ideas using pallets, can’t wait to get my hands of some. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Great ideas. Creativity is amazing especially when it helps turn what many people would burn or throw away into something useful and treasured. Thanks.

  5. I will totally share this list with everyone i know…….after i’ve collected every useable pallat in the city! muahahahahahaha!!!! >: )

  6. Thanks for adding our site, http://www.finecraftguild.com to your list of sources for pallet projects. We have indeed posted so many ideas on our site with pallets/recycleables, and many more to come… :-)

  7. thank you for featuring my crate and pallet union jack chest!

  8. I love this list! How creative! That pallet wall is stunning! I love seeing the unique and different ideas. Well done everyone!!

  9. Couldn’t close your site – so I shared it on my blog! Thank you!

  10. what a fun collection!!!

  11. Great ideas for low budget. Love to reuse old wood really cool.

  12. As a fellow pallet crafter, I am alsways pretty excited to see other people out there doing the same. Check out my Blog: http://blogspud.blogspot.com and tell me what you think so far!

  13. I love your 50+ roundup collections and refer to them often to get the creative juices flowing. Thanks so much for taking the time to put these together! Feel free to add my customized pallet sign to the collection if you think it fits. http://renewedprojects.blogspot.com/2012/10/customized-pallet-slat-sign.html
    Thanks! Audra

  14. Pallets are definitely a great source of wood for projects but be careful using them indoors for furniture, kitchen racks, etc.. Pallet manufacturers use 2 different methods of treating the wood before using them for pallets. 1. They use heat from a kiln or 2. they use toxic chemicals to kill anything and everything in the wood to ensure it lasts longer. The method used is indicated by a stamp on the side. Don’t mean to burst the bubble, but again, be careful!

  15. Where do you obtain your pallets? I was reading online to be careful of the ones outside of stores because they could have bacteria and such. Is there a reputable distributor or location you trust to get your pallets?

    • I used to work at a commercial printer who had to pay someone to come pick up our pallets and take them to a landfill. I would just call a local manufacturer/big box retailer and see if they would not mind if you came by to pick them up. If you grab some of the standard sized pallets (approx 3-1/2′ x 4′), you will definitely need a truck or large van.

  16. Some pretty nifty ideas here. Companies are disposing of pallets all the time after they’ve outlived their usefullness for their original intended purpose. Why not keep them out of the landfills. If they’re beyond useablity for making a wood project, they can always go to the wood chipper and be turned into wood pellets for pellet stoves too!!!

  17. Great idea, love the recycling.

    Thanks for the tip and eye opener! 😛

  18. I love the feeling I get when crafting projects using pallets and packing crates. Making art from items about to be sent to a landfill has been my ongoing challenge for many years. From year to year I challenge myself to out-do my last project. At age 68, starting with birdhouses, wishing wells and yard ornaments. Then sawing /gluing boards and carving many fish into wall art. Some products I use are paints from goodwill, salvaged plastics for fish eyes and fins, moto tool/cutting burrs from nails, workbenches from oak doors and on and on. You get the picture, I’m a recycle horder of sorts. I also use firewood, salvaged old lumber, driftwood, and tree roots for example. Biggest fish to date is a 51 inch King Salmon. Feel free to contact me/photos if you would like to discuss further. I don’t have a website.

  19. Johnnie, I love all these DIY projects and can’t wait to go through them all. Very happy I came across your blog.

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  21. Chris Hunter says:

    So how do you determine if your pallets have been treated or not? I would love to do a wall in my living room but have been nervous because I thought I’d heard all pallets were treated.

  22. I’ve worked in the pallet racking business for over 25 years and I’ve never seen wood pallets appliend for home decore. Great Idea!!


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  2. […] Hi there, treasured reader ! Thanks for giving SBLC a moment in your day. If you like this post, help me get it out there by sharing it with your facebook friends. Like SBLC on Facebook for daily craft talk and updates. Over 50 Wood Pallet Projects — Saved By Love Creations […]

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