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Magazine Page Bracelet

Need an idea for all those paper beads you have lying around?  I have loads of them from a paper bead rolling fiasco a couple of months back.  If you don’t have paper beads, here is a  how to make paper beads video I shared awhile back.  For these bracelets, I just wove the beads with black elastic cord, surrounding each paper bead with a glass E bead.  Pretty simple, and makes for a great look.  I get compliments every time I wear one of these.
Magazine Page Bracelet

How to make paper bead bracelet

How to make paper bead bracelet

How to make paper bead bracelet


  1. i absolutely love paper beads too – your bracelets are fabulous!!

  2. LOVE this bracelet! I featured it over on Sew Woodsy yesterday!

  3. Beautiful! Do you simply wear two or three bracelets or do you have them connected in some way?

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Good question, Terri! I weave the beads on a single strand. I can’t find the tutorial that taught me the technique, but it is a simple bead weave. I will post the tut when I find it!!

  4. hi lovelyy work!! i was wondering do you use a special stitch for this bracelets?

  5. Left a comment a few days ago. Don’t know if it didn’t not qualify as a valid question but I will ask again. What type of weave did you use to hold the three bracelets together?

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Hilda, it has been forever since I made these, and I sold them right away. If I can find the weave I used, I will update the post and let you know.

  6. Have you found that tut yet? I would really love to have it. I have googled all over but can’t seem to find the tut that you described. I am teaching my Honduran students how to make jewelry using the paper beads they made. I would really appreciate it if you can help find that tut! Thanks!

    • Marilyn go to pinterest type in paperbead jewelry great deal of tutorials and pictures. You can also check out paperbeads.org by Janice Mae. She has alot of simple but detail instruction and so many projects. You also can check out her facebook page.

      • Marillyn says:

        Hi Hilda, I’ve already done all that. I have not been able to find anything that shows how to do a three strand bracelet with one strand. Thank you for the tip though!

  7. I too searched for such a tutorial, and couldn’t find it, so I started drawing diagrams on paper, and I may have figured it out…. I did a drawing, beaded a couple of courses on fishing line just as an experiment (don’t worry, I would NOT actually use these colors together!) and took a picture of it all, which you can find here. You’ll probably have to copy and paste the link. I just hope it actually works to go all the way to a complete bracelet….!

    • I should add that the “in-between” beads need to have good-sized holes, so the thread can go through them multiple times. The beads in the photo worked with fishing line, but 0.5 mm stretchy cord would only go through once, so when I attempt this “for real” I will use some beads with big center holes that I found at Walmart.

      I’d love to know if anybody gets to this before I do, and how it works out! :)

  8. Okay, ignore what I said above a couple of weeks ago. I tried the technique and although it was doable with fishing line, it really didn’t translate well to elastic cord.

    So I stared at the photos some more, and noticed what looks like little loops going in between the spacer beads. I scratched my head some more, and now I think I really have figured it out. Here’s what I’m currently trying.

    String up a single-strand bracelet in your desired length. For me, this means 12 one-half-inch paper beads with spacer beads about the size of E-beads. Be sure to choose spacer beads with BIG holes in them.

    I tied a not-too-tight knot to form a circle, and at this point I could quit with a one-strand bracelet.

    With the long end of thread, start a second strand of beads, and attach it as you go along to the first strand by passing the thread through the in-between beads. This is why you need big holes, especially for the second strand, because the threads will go through those beads a total of 3 times. When you get to the end of the second strand, turn around and start the third strand, anchoring it to the second strand the same way.

    I’ve posted a very funky diagram, which hopefully is clear enough to figure out. Good luck, and if anybody does this and succeeds, let us know! (I’m only 2 strands into my first attempt as I write this.)

    Link to diagram:


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