Valetine’s Day Wreath From Coffee Stained Flowers

How to make a wreathI had a gift certificate for Joann's and wanted to make a Valentine's Day wreath, so off I went to see what inspired me from the store.  I found white flowers in the bridal section, and a heart shaped wreath form in floral.  I also spotted this adorable vintage graphics heart decor piece that I had to snatch up for under $3.  I got them all home, and decided the white was too white.  I needed an aged look, so I put the flowers in a shallow pan and poured coffee over them.  I let that sit for a few, then spread them out on wax paper to dry. Valentine's Day decorations Once they were dry, I just stuck them to the wreath form with my hot glue gun.  I arranged my new wreath and the decorative vintage image heart from Joann's with a wide red ribbon, and that is that! Valentine's Day decorations I love it!  It is a nice change from the t-shirt wreath I had up before.  I think cupid is smiling. Valentine's Day decorations DIY Wreath Valentine's Day decorations Valentine's Day decorations
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