Saftety Pin Beaded Bracelet

Safety Pin Bracelet

I can’t get enough of upcycled jewelry projects.  This one is as old as oxygen, but new to me, and a great way to use up some of those members of my bead soup stash.  Also, it couldn’t be much easier to make, and looks great with casual and dressy attire.  This would be a great girls night craft!

Upcycle jewlery

To make, I strung 12 beads on each safety pin and ran elastic cord through the top and bottom of each safety pin, kotting the end of each cord.  I alternated beaded safety pins with empty safety pins, flipped vertically.  That simple!  Careful not to stick yourself.

Safety pin jewelry


  1. I’ve seen these before they are pretty neat!!!!

    • I love the blue beads. I used to sell these to upscale boutiques using a mix of really expensive crystal and cheap metal beads. I used a metal round spacer bead between each safety pin. I also liked making tropical themed ones (with pineapple beads and greens) with gold safety pins and ones using just silver beads with different patterns. I always closed the pin with pliers and crazy glued shut the end knots after an unfortunate accident of one of my customer’s bracelets coming open on a NYC platform and as she was being proposed to and pricking the gentleman as she was hugging him. True story.


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