Recycled Magazine Page Butterfly

Recycled Paper Craft A butterfly from magazine pages?  That is right.  For this creation, I used a cookie cutter I found at Hobby Lobby to shape the butterfly outline, then coiled pages to fill in the shape.  Super easy.  Just wrap a folded strip around the cookie cutter's outer edge.  Depending on the size of your cutter, and the lengths of your strip, you may need more than one strip, like I did here.  Just overlap the new strip's beginning with the previous strip's end.  Reinforce with a dab of glue.  Let that dry, remove the outline from the cookie cutter (just slide it off) carefully so that you maintain the shape, and create your filler coils. For tips on making strips from magazine pages, see my earlier post. Recycled Paper Craft Coiled Magazine Page CraftsCoiled Magazine Page Crafts  
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