Rolled Paper Bead Necklace

Paper Beads Are you planning your handmade gift lists?  Today's project is a lovely penny saving piece of unique jewelry, made from paper beads, wire, and glass beads.  This piece is a two stranded necklace that can be casual or dressy.  The general concept can be applied to bracelets, earrings, eyeglass holders, bookmarks and more. Supplies:
  • Paper beads (see this post for instructions)
  • Round nose pliers, wire cutters
  • glass beads (I used crystals and rock beads)
  • Closure Mechanism
  • Small chain length (to connect beaded strands to closure)
necklace from paper beads Instructions:
  • Make loop on one end of 2 inch wire segment, add beads in desired order, then loop other end using round nose pliers.
necklace from paper beads
  • Make as many of them as you need to get the desired length of your chain, and connect them, loop end to loop end.
paper beaded necklace
  • For a double stranded piece, connect both strands to a small segment of chain (or jump rings), then connect that to your clasp.  See pictures to better understand!
necklace from paper beads necklace from paper beads make paper beads necklace from paper beads make paper beads make paper beads
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