DIY No Sew Fabric Bunting

No Sew Bunting Tutorial

Do you love all the bunting you see accessorizing homes and wonder how you can add this lovely decor to your room, without sewing?  This project is fast and simple.  Just grab your fabric, a triangle template, some garden twine and a glue gun and you are set.


  • Coordinating fabrics
  • Triangle template
  • Fabric Marker or chalk
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun


  • Trace triangle onto fabric and cut out as many triangles as you will need for you bunting.  I used a diamond shaped quilting template I had on hand and cut the diamond in half to make my triangles.  You could also cut a triangle out of cardboard or card stock.

Fabric Bunting Tutorial

How to Fabric Bunting

  • I arranged my triangles in the order I wanted them to appear on my bunting, put a strip of hot glue along the triangle top and folded it over the twine.  Then I moved to the next fabric triangle, placing it 2-3 inches away and repeating.
  • How to fabric buntingThat’s it.  Told you it was easy!  Great way to add a new splash of color, inexpensively and quickly.

Bunting no sew tutorial

No Sew Bunting

What do you think?  What are your favorite bunting ideas?


  1. I love that! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. So cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I see a bunting in my near future. :)

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  4. I love this – I’m not a sewer, though I wish I was…but I think I’ve caused much disgust in many-a-JoAnn-Fabrics-workers when they ask me about my project. I’ve been thinking about doing this for my daughter’s room (she’s 10 mos old)…but have been intimidated by sewing and wasn’t sure if the iron-tape stuff would give a stiff look. Def have to give this one a try. Thanks so much for sharing!

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