Coiled Newspaper Dish

Recycled Paper Gift

The recycled magazine page dish was such a hit, I thought I would take a crack at similar project I spied at a local fair trade store.  This time I used folded newspaper strips to make coils, and attached them with crochet thread as shown in the pictures.  Again, a practically free, unique handmade gift idea.  Just remember that these projects are time consuming, so if you want a stock pile by Christmas, get started yesterday.

For instructions on how to make the strips and coil them, see this post.  Attach 13 one inch coils side by side with crochet thread or other durable string like the pic below.  I used a large, blunt yarn needle to push the thread between the “rings” of the coils.

Recycled Paper Bowl

The lid is composed of 1 large coil with a slight upward curve from outside edge inward, and 2 smaller coils as shown.  I attached the vertical small coil to the horizontal small coil then hot glued that to the large coil…

How to Make Recycled Paper Gift

The bottom of the dish is made from one large coil that curves downward from its outer edge to the center, a medium and small coil.   Make the largest coil’s diameter the same as the lid and as the circle formed by the 13 side coils.  I just kept coiling til everything fit together.  Not to scientific.  The bottom coils are all attached to one another with hot glue.

How to Make Recycled Paper Dish

That is really it.  Don’t forget to mod podge or otherwise seal your coils.  I like to do this before attaching them to one another.  I let them dry overnight and then assemble.  I supposed you could attach them and then seal.  I am soooo obsessed with paper strips!  Off to see what else I can conjure up with them.


  1. Love this!

  2. I’ve seen lots of these but I LOVE the design of this one!! I’ve made several little baskets too… but I think I need to try this one! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so. cool! I love it! Very creative :) Hopping over from Tatortos & Jello! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. This is gorgeous, thanks for sharing! xx

  5. Very Cool!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for sharing this brilliant craft. Who knew! Can’t wait to give this a try in the fall.

  7. It seems that every time I click on a picture (Pinterest) of anything ‘coiled’ I come back to your site!
    I have just started coiling and like you, I am obsessed. It is such fun to see how each and every coil will turn out, isn’t it? Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas and work with us beginners – it really does help.

  8. Karen Denninger says:

    Thank you Johnnie!! I’ve been looking for this design instructions for a month now!! You rock and love all your work!!!

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