Glass Tile Pendant Tips

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial You can't throw a stone online without hitting a glass tile pendant tutorial, it is true.  Today, I am bringing you one tip I never ran across.  It took me several fingerprinted pendants before I figured out that play dough is all I need to hold my slippery pendant in place while I brush on the sealant.   Finishing is way easier and neater now! So, the problem is that the glass tiles slide around everywhere when you are painting on your sealant (I use Mod Podge).  The solution is play dough!  Place your glass tile pendant face down on a blob of play dough and paint the sealant on the edges.  It won't slide anywhere.  The play dough holds it in place while you are sealing. Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial If you are looking for a full glass tile pendant tutorial, like I said at the beginning, just google it.  They are abundant!  Do you have any tips and tricks for pendant making?
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