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Mosaic Trinket Box Tutorial

Of all the things I enjoy about winter melting into spring, the return of garage sales is one of my favorites.  Check out this jewelry box I snatched up for a measly $2 and transformed with some paint and mosaic tiles.  This tutorial will cover the basic mosaic process as well as making tiles out of polymer clay.

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SBLC Moving to WordPress

I almost feel I would rather move to a different home than move to WordPress.  I am a wee bit scared.  Mainly because I am not a fan of change, and… oh yeah, I have no idea what I am doing.  So, I have that going for me.  Yikes.

Why am I moving from Blogger to WordPress?  I am delighted that you asked.  The short answer is that a very successful blog mentor of mine told me to.  I have learned that if you want what someone else has, you have the best chance of getting it if you do what they did.  Brilliant, I know.  Considering her advice (after I got past the “No way, not ever” phase), I dug in and educated myself on the advantages of packing up and moving.  I have read several posts on this topic, and I attended a twitter chat last evening by Blogelina. While I have not experience with WP as of yet, here are the factors that convinced me:

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Garage Sale Table Revamp

Garage Sale Table Revamp
I scored this three tiered plastic table at a garage sale for $2.  I knew it had great potential.  I always take a measuring tape with me when I am scavenging for thrifty pieces to beautify.  I measured the diameter of the inner circle on the tiers, and was thrilled to learn it was just under 12 inches in diameter – scrapbook paper and mod podge, you know it!

Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop Week 26


Week 26 of Thrifty Thursday.  I must prepare you, you are about to see some changes around here.  I am switching to WordPress from Blogger, so if things get squirelly momentairily, that is the culprit.  Also, my Mac is out of commission until Friday.  I am using the hubby’s PC.  This post is taking forever!!  If I am slow to get back to you for the next 2 days, be patient, please! 

Look around and join the fun.  The idea is to link to your frugal post, whether it be a DIY, recipe, tip, coupon… if you like it, link it.  If you don’t have a thrifty post to link to, feel welcome to join the hop anyway, and link to your main blog.

Other stuff:
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Weekly Featured Blogs: 

Heather at DIY Kinda Girl posted this simple and cute envelop pillow tutorial here.  It is great because it is easy, and you can slip the cases off to easy wash them or switch them out when you change your decor!

Over at 221 Vision is this awesome bathroom mirror frame DIY tutorial.  I love this idea.  I can’t wait to try it in my bathroom!



Mosaic Newbie

My friend has been encouraging me to dabble with mosaics for several months.  Monday I joined her in a simple mosaic stone project.  We gathered our supplies:

  • Garden stone; She thinks she got these at Lowes for $0.35.  I hope she is right.  I have not verified this!
  • Broken glass in different colors;  She had this left over from another project.

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Polymer Clay Gifts: A Tutorial Round Up


Polymer Clay Roundup
Pearl Ex Light Switch Covers:  Over at Jacquard Products is this cool light switch cover tutorial using Pearl Ex Powders.  These powders are beautifully metallic, and a little TINY bit goes a very long way.  I use them on polymer clay often, and also to tint my acrylic paints if I am going for a pearlescent effect.

This Week in Running…

Ok, so it has been about awhile since I have been into distance running.  As I mentioned here, we are marathon training again.  Our actual training schedule starts 6/12/11, but we are building up the mileage already in anticipation of what lies ahead.  This week brought;

Total mileage: 45 miles
Long run: 10 miles

Not getting into tempo runs or speed work yet, just focusing on mileage.  I did sneak in some Yasso 800’s last week, out of shear boredom.  If you aren’t familiar with them, google it.  They are simple, painful, and quite effective in shaving minutes off of one’s marathon time.  As far as hill work goes, I moved to southern Indiana, where every run is inherently a hill workout.

One of my favorite things ever is running with my doggies.  They can tell when I am getting ready to hit the pavement in the mornings.  They follow me around, each hoping  I will choose him to accompany me.  Guess who I picked today…

This pic is the entire reason for this post!

Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop Week 25



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He Made Me

I made her…she is different. She is unique.
With love I formed her in her mother’s womb.
I fashioned her with great joy.
I remember with great pleasure the day I created her.
I love her smile. I love her ways. I love to hear her laugh
And the silly things she says and does.
She brings me great pleasure. This is how I made her.
I made her pretty and not beautiful.
I wanted her to search out her heart and learn that
it would be ME in her that would make her beautiful…
And it would be Me that would draw others to her.
I made her in such a way that she would need me.
I made her a little more lonesome than she would like to be…
Only because I need for her to learn and depend on Me.
I know her heart. I know that if I had not made her like this,
She would go her own chosen way
And forget Me…her Creator.
Because I love her, I have seen her broken heart…
and the tears she cried alone.
I have cried with her and had a broken heart too.
Many times she has stumbled and fallen alone…
Only because she would not hold my hand.
So many lessons she’s learned the hard way
because she would not listen to My voice.
So many times I have sat back and sadly
watched her go her merry way alone…
Only to watch her return to my arms,
sad and broken.
And now she is Mine again.
I made her, and I bought her…
Because I love her.
I have to reshape and remold her
To renew her to what I planned for her to be.
It has not been easy for her or for Me.
I want her to be conformed to My image.
This high goal I have set for her…
Because I love her.
-Author Unknown


Blogging Hints Catch a Wave Wednesday

Amsterdam Printing: Custom Promotional Items Galore

I am always on the lookout for businesses that can place my designs onto products.  Recently I was introduced to and am excited to pass along this wonderful source for everything from tote bags to t-shirts to carabiners, all customized to your specifications!

There are loads of companies that offer these services, but some things stand out to me about  They have a monster selection of promotional items, and lower pricing compared to competitors (click GOPromos promotional items).  I love the idea of handing out something besides business cards at craft shows, something people will actually use instead of just toss in the trash can.  The pens and coffee mugs are great, and I am loving the idea of personal notepads since I am always jotting down ideas.  

 I am most interested in their T-shirts, as I want to have some of the “word art” designs I incorporate into my pendants placed on shirts.  They have a wide variety of styles to choose from.  I am placing an order for a couple of samples of the shirts pictured with my designs.  I will report back once I get them!