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A Few Blog Free Days…

We are visiting Indy this weekend for a concert tonight, a half marathon tomorrow, and visiting with friends from our old stomping grounds. I am going to pace John to beat his half marathon record (that is the plan, anyway). He can do it, I am hoping I can. Bit of a cold hanging on, but the race environment always seems to cure any ails.

Indianapolis Half Marathon link here. It is a gorgeous course, peak fall, around Ft. Ben and surrounding areas. This is where we ran our first full marathon a few years back…
As for the concert… I will let this video speak for itself!

Vintage Fan Trinket Box

My mom picked up this jewelry box from a yard sale and knew I needed to get my hands on it. She is awesome. So thoughtful. I used scrapbook paper, orange glimmer mist, gold metallic glaze on the front of the doors (a little too much, in my opinion, but what do you do).

I used krylon triple thick spray glaze to coat the outside and give it some shine, which doesn’t really show in this washed out flash picture (bad thing about taking pictures once the sun has gone down).
I think this will look awesome in the bedroom I showed ya’ll yesterday. I have a hard time letting go of these cutie boxes.
Be love!!

The Two Savvy Sisters

For The Love Of 4

Come, See Our New Bedroom!!


So this post is about what I did today. I found the collage frame at Kohls, and spent the a large chunk of the day finding and editing my favorite pictures of John and me. Aside from painting the walls, I haven’t done much home decor since moving to Bloomington in July. I have been in a dark place and am just recently emerging back into my life and myself. It feels good to be inspired, and to be on the growth side of recent painful events. Vague take home message: Anything that interrupts my fellowship with God is not worth having. Ok, back to the decor…

I LOVE how this collage turned out, and what it says; “The most important things in life aren’t things.”
The paint is kinda pistachio green, and trim is cream. I am loving this combo with the dark, saturated orange and browns. It is a retro, antique, grunge kind of feel. Especially with the metal signs to the left of the collage.
The afghan on the foot of the bed… I had just started to crochet an afghan specifically for my bed, with oranges and browns, when I stumbled upon this one for $2 at a local thrift store. SCORE. Saved myself time and $.
The black furniture is an oak set I spray painted and distressed.
The black shelf under the serenity prayer wall hanging is a dumpster headboard I picked up curbside and made fabulous (see this post).
More home decor to come!!

Wedding Gift Custom Photo Art From Photograph


Here is what I worked on today. My client gave me the picture on bottom, and I made the 11×14 inch top pic in photoshop. Photo collage in graphic design software is limitless. I was given instruction to go “lightly retro”. The print will be framed in a simple black frame, no matting. I have several wedding/ anniversary custom photos on the burner right now. It is making me itch to do one for John and I. You know I have already started 🙂
I would LOVE your feedback. Blessings…



Thrift Store Jewelry Box to Whimsical Treasure Trinket Box


This was one of the more gratifying projects I have had the pleasure of doing in awhile. You know when everything goes smoothly and effortlessly, and you love the outcome? This was one of those sessions. YAY!

I picked up this jewelry box at Salvation Army for $0.99. I dissembled it, spray painted it silver, went to town with some scrapbook paper and dye ink pads, and here you go. Jewelry boxes are easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores. They are a great way to use up random scraps of paper from earlier projects, and make awesome gifts. The problem is, I always want to keep them. This one may go to my niece for Christmas, although it is looking really cute in my kitchen. What can’t you do with scrapbook paper?! Love it.


Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

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Teapot from Metal to Robin Egg; DIY Spray Paint Home Decor

All I can say is EASY. Seriously. I can’t believe how easy this project was, and it adds a lot to my retro kitchen decor. I had everything on hand, so it was basically free. Yay!! Krylon spray paint in “ocean breeze”. I didn’t even primer it. Just taped off the hardware and spraypainted. Here is the best part… despite husband’s concern that the new outer layer of the teapot may render it unusable (i.e. not heat resistant), we have heated water in it daily for weeks, with no problems. Paint looks good as new. Hopefully our tea is not toxic. Totally worth the risk.

Polymer Clay Day 100: Joyous Bling Pendant

This is my last day of “100 Days of Polymer Clay”. I think the fun part of the adventure for me, that I will continue to explore and share on my blog, has been altered art and jewelry. I hadn’t intended for this to be 3 months of pendants, but that is where it went. I met some very crafty clayers and encountered tons of inspiration on this journey. Now I will have to think of a new blog challenge. In the meantime, check out my stores for new arrivals, cause I am a pendant making fool these days. If you haven’t tried polymer clay, DO IT. It is inexpensive, versatile, forgiving and there are tons of wonderful free tutorials online to light you up about this medium.

Hoosier Mushroom Company and Domino Mushroom Pendants

More domino pendants! I made these to sell in a wonderful local business, The Hoosier Mushroom Company, located in Nashville, Indiana. Megan from HMC has created an adorable retail storefront to accompany the online source for everything mushroom. Her passions for sustainability, gourmet food, art and mushrooms have collided to form a place with a little something for everyone, from cultivating and hunting supplies, to home decor, identification books, handcrafted artisan goods and tons more. Be sure to check out this unique treasure of a small business.

The Two Savvy Sisters

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Polymer Clay Day 99: Shine Circle Pendant

Wow. It has been several days since I posted. I was starting to wig out a bit. Camping was awesome. I am rejuvenated and back in gear with my clay. Oh my goodness, the 100 days is almost up, but fear not, I am a clayer for the long haul. I was hooked by day 3.

To continue on my altered art jewelry obsession, here is a scrapped up, embellished polymer clay bead, bearing one of my very favorite words. It is only fitting that i share with you this a relevant Bible verse and song to go along with my SHINE pendant… I heart NEWSBOYS 🙂

Matthew 5:16 (New International Version)

16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

Run Domino Pendant, and Goodbye til Monday!!!

I will be at Clifty Falls til Sunday evening!!! So excited to camp. And happy with my second attempt at a domino pendant. The stamped red text is the dictionary definition of the word “gratitude” and was placed as the background for “run” intentionally. John and I had a beautiful 13 mile run. I was overwhelmed with thanks to God that we are physically capable, as so many aren’t. Enjoy your bodies, and weekend! Here is where I will be…

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums