Laptop Tray Makeover!!

This thing was so boring, I decided to beautify it, and stick it above the oh so bare kitchen cabinets I have been mulling over lately.
I wiped it down with all purpose cleaner and dried it with a towel. I then spraypainted it black using Krylon fusion. When that was all dry, i adhered scrapbook paper using matte gel medium. I tried to line up the paper to be seamless since I needed to use 2 12x12 pieces, however I couldn't get the designs to line up right. I decided to rip the edge of one sheet and run with the torn edge effect. I also sprinkled seed beads, gold microbeads and glitter over the paper before adding a thin layer of dimensional mod podge for the glassy surface effect. From the side, the surface with the scrapbook paper looks bumpy due to the beads, but with the top of the tray above the cabinets in the vertical plane, it looks pretty cool.
I used a small amount of gold glaze over the top to of the scrapbook paper before the sparklies and mod podge to tie the 2 sheets of scrapbook paper together.
For a border, I lined the inner top with garden twine, and adhered it with the dimensional magic mod podge. Love how it turned out. Don't forget to use a brayer to get rid of air bubbles in the paper as you adhere it to the tray top. Ugly tray, now cute using products on hand, cabinets less bare... SCORE!


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