A Few Clayless days… A Blogger’s Fresh Start…

Not sure what spawned it, but I have delved back into the land of HTML code for the past couple of days. I would like to monetize my blog by doing product reviews and giveaways, and I will only take that dive when I have figured out how to get the exact site design I want (without paying hundreds of dollars to some very talented designer to do it for me :). Gotta be a good steward of the finances I am blessed with, and my situation just doesn't have room for that kind of expense.

I will figure this out, oh yes. What do you think of my new header design I plan to implement? Seriously. Click it for a bigger view. I have been looking at it so long that it appears to be melting at this point. Feedback appreciated. I will be back to clay soon! Blessings...
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