Polymer Clay Day #21: Cupcake Necklace

Cupcake1Ayaack! This thing is a lil’ cutie. You guys remember this cupcake I crocheted? Same niece, same cupcake obsession. Upcoming birthday. 100 days of polymer clay – a clay cupcake was inevitable. I found an awesome youtube video by Puurple Duucky, detailing the process…

I chose to just use a single color for the icing, and I cut lil’ tiny pieces of yellow for the sprinkles. They had trouble staying on, but are in place after a few coats of varathane sealant.


  1. Alely L. says:

    following you back from last friday's FF. glad to meet you!

  2. @Home-Mom says:

    thanks for following me!
    This video makes me want to make some pendants for little girls. Who doesn't love cupcakes? Ugh, nobody 😉
    Have a great day look fwd to more creations.

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