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Polymer Clay Day #31: Zebra Print Cross

Time for some cane work. This was not as difficult as I had imagined it to be. Really. Here is a great site for intro to the wonderful world of canes. Now my mind is running wild with ideas. What a wildly addictive medium clay is.

Polymer Clay Day #30: Shimmery Silver Venous Cross

Sunday. My favorite day of the week, as you may know. I am so blessed in this life. It is crazy. God is so good to me. Today’s clay piece is my hugely inadequate thank you to Him. I’ll accompany it with trying my best to shine His light in the world around me.

Polymer Clay Day #29: 13.1 Mile Shimmery Turquoise Pendant

Again with the sparkly twirly-ness. I cannot wait to give these to my whole crew of newbie half marathoners after we complete the Indy half marathon in October. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out this blog. Train along with us. It will change your life for the better in all areas. Bold statement, I know. Standing by it. This went from clay to coaching in no time. I am like that. Blessings…

Polymer Clay Day #28: Silver Grunge Marathon Pendant

Wow. I can’t believe I ran this distance. Twice. Today I ran 5 miles, yesterday 7.3 miles in the heat and thought my end was near. What was I thinking, running a marathon. And then doing it again? 3rd time is the charm, right? I heart clay. And running. And hanging out with my awesome family. Love you, Michelle.

Fun Friday Follow Alongs…


I did this last week and it was a great experience. I found some new friends and added to my must read blog list!

Polymer Clay Day #27: AA Circle Triangle Silver and Red Pendant

Here is today’s creation. Stuck on metallics at the moment. I did see something different today, involving polymer clay and dogs. Two of my very favorite things. I never really thought about combining them. Check out this website – Nanjo Dogz, where the artist makes lil’ doggie figurines out of clay and sells them in her Etsy store. So adorable. She is clearly passionate about dogs, which has collided with her clay passion for the benefit of dog owners into uniquely wonderful art. Off to see if she has beagles or jack russells!

Polymer Clay Day #26: AA Circle Triangle Turquoise and Silver Pendant

I am digging this metallic clay. It is soooo shiny sparkly glittery awesome! Especially after it is buffed and coated with glossy varathane. The circle triangle in AA symbolizes the three legacies; unity, service and recovery. I like these pieces, because people in recovery recognize the symbol and know may just strike up a needed conversation with the wearer. At the same time, those not in recovery will just think they are a pretty design.

I have to tell you the hi-light of my day. The awesome blog I posted about yesterday (here) is authored by a clay artist that lives in the same city as yours truly. I had no idea when I posted that yesterday. I went to her profile to say hello, and saw it. I did not know there was a clay expert so close!

Polymer Clay Day #25: Chinese Character Pendants

Sorry about the poor picture quality. It started raining just as I stepped outside to photograph my finished product, leaving me rushed and in low light. I think God may be teaching me about patience. Anyway… I found a great blog here, with some unique polymer clay tutorials by artist Ponsawan Sila. There are several I want to try, and today’s clay project came from this post. All in all, I am not to stoked about the outcome, but that happens. Her version is more appealing to me. I am, however, very excited about this awesome site. She has put a lot of time into her step by step tutorials, which she provides for free. I have been looking for many of the techniques she shares, and have run across several pay sites, as well as brief tutorials. None like hers. Awesome.

Polymer Clay Day #23: Green Cross For Grandma

My grandma is my best friend. How lucky am I?! She is full of love, hilarious, caring, loyal, creative, inspiring… the full package. Her favorite color happens to be green (mine too, when orange is not one of the choices), and her favorite symbol, the cross. It was inevitable that I make her this necklace. She was ecstatic upon receiving it, like a kid in a candy store. Pure joy.


Polymer Clay Day #22: Silver, Swirly, and Joyous…

I had a hard time deciding what to do today. I kinda wanted to make lil’ cupcake earrings to go with the necklace in the previous post, but joy won in the end. I love Sundays. My favorite day of the week by far. Word of the day: JOY – awareness of the beauty in life. Scatter joy!