Iron on Recovery Gift T-shirt

MySponsorHeartsMeThis was today’s project, along with some rockin’ jewelry that I will share with you in the future.

I can’t take credit for the saying on the t-shirt, just for the design and the handiwork. My friend Judy asked me to put this on a shirt for her. It was easy to make, and it stirred up some t-shirt ideas in my noggin. For the record, Judy and I have the same sponsor. I am pretty sure I am the favorite. Therefore I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the message depicted. I didn’t have enough letters to add “besides Johnnie” at the end. That would be more in line with the truth. Haha. Love you, Judy!


  1. LOL Johnnie that's so cute!! Just got to the library for a minute and had to update my blog and see what's new in your world. Love you! 😀

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