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Matte Gel Paper Decorated Thrift Store Jewelry Box


This project turned out to be more involved than I thought, but it was fun, and I love the outcome. Also, I got to use a product I had not tried before… Matte Gel. I love you Mod Podge, but this stuff rocks for adhering paper to wood. They became one… seemless. And the Gel is not sticky/messy. I am sold.
Here is what I did:
Remove original hardware and sand box lightly. Next remove drawer linings (I ended up stripping the inside of the drawers to get the old adhesive gunk out – and also took them apart to get in there. Not necessary if box is unfinished, or if you are not a perfectionist).
Paint box (burnt umber on frame, champagne on drawers.
Adhere paper cut to size in desired colors and prints, using matte gel. Once dry, sand edges. I inked distressed the paper edges using Ranger distress ink pads.
For the knobs, I use round wooden beads, attached with a nail, painted gold. Once all dry, I coated with gloss finish for shine and durability. More boxes to come…

Praise Psalm Art Piece, and Bible in 90 Days Wrap up!

My friend Karen wrote a lovely psalm and asked me to put some artwork to it. This is what I did Easter Sunday. Seemed like a good time for Christ centered creativity.

This was done in photoshop, using some scrapbook paper scanned in as the background. I am still deciding on the frame. I will post when finished.
BIBLE in 90 Days… Finished. Amazing. If you can spare 45 minutes a day for 90 days, do this. It will change you.

Square Photo Scrap Album; Grunge style


Been a few days since I shared… I have been taking in every bit of this wonderful weather I can, while raking advantage of the return of yard sale season. Craft supplies getting replenished, for next to nothing. I scored – big time – on baskets today. That is for another post…

LOVIN on Ranger inks and embossing powder. Everything ranger, really. I finished this 6 in x 6 in mini album today for my step son’s 21st birthday. I am so excited about all the new techniques I am learning with this Tim Holtz line.
As we know, I am a grungy crafter. Into old hardware and metal anything rusty and junky looking. I have a lot of this type of embellishment on hand from scouring salvage yards and flea markets. The alcohol inks are a perfect way to enhance my metals. Like the key hole. No before pics, but that was one rusty thang.
I am most pleased with the grungeboard. It is like chip board, but way freakin better. I used it for the 26.2, and the tag the number is on. It takes a beating for those who like to distress, and it is flexible. I haven’t so much taken advantage of this fact yet, but plan to get down with a grunge board bracelet soon.
Miss blogging. So many cool projects to try. Yard sales to peruse, objects to emboss…
If I ever fall prey to boredom, shame on me.