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File Cabinet Before and After…

As promised, here is the result of my file cabinet makeover. I love her. She is perfect in my craft area. My embossing powders, stamp pads, acrylics and inks all have their own homes now.

I just cleaned her up with windex and an old rag. Removed drawer pulls, then sanded her lightly so the spray paint would have some roughness to latch onto. I used Krylon black gloss, 2 coats, dry in between. I cut scrapbook paper to fit and applied Matte Gel Medium (still my favorite) to cover the back before placing paper on the drawers. Smoothed out any air bubbles easily by hand. While this was drying, I painted the drawer pulls with Florentine Liquid Gold Leaf. I sealed the pulls with gold leaf sealant (3 coats), and the entire cabinet with high gloss decoupage sealant. Yippie. Thats it.
Here is a sneak peak at what is next. My craft storage hunt is complete. Just found this embellishment haven at a yard sale today. $3…

Craft Storage Solution Needed… Now! And Frugal…

Ok. Things are out of hand. Embossing powder, hole punches, hammers, brads, Mod Podge… all intermingling, making it impossible to find what I am looking for mid-project. My efficiency, creativity, and serenity all hang in peril. Time for action. This is hard for me because I would much rather be crafting than organizing. The good news is, it is yard sale season and there are fabulous storage solutions waiting to be created.

I found this file cabinet for $5 and knew it had potential. I liked it not just because it was cheap, but because the drawers are very deep and it’s width is small enough to fit in my craft space.

I went to town on this bad boy, and tomorrow you will see the result. For now, I will leave you with an awesome cheap DIY storage project I ran across at Make It and Love It. How do you maintain order in your workspace?

Handmade Marathon Key Chain From Sculpey…

My bubbly friend Megan will be venturing out on her first full Marathon this Saturday. What a huge endeavor and accomplishment. I was inspired to make her a gift, and out came this keychain and personalized tag combo. I used Sculpey, my cricut for the shapes, pearl FX for color. What a unique piece of marathon flare.
Falling more in love with clay daily. And making the tag was satisfyingly simple and quick. I used Ranger inks, acrylic stamps and embossing powder (for the text). The orange splatter is glimmer mist from Tattered Angels (tiger lilly).
I feel a keychain giveaway coming on…

Handmade Cross Necklaces With Sculpey, and My New Clay Obsession!

I am loving on some clay these days! I told some of you about these, so let me know about color preferences. I have circle triangle pendants as well, and can do custom shapes/designs too.

How annoying. I totally made this post and advertisement. I promise to be more informative and useful in upcoming posts. Just wanted to get these up here. Much more to come. Cricut is getting a nap since my clay adventures have taken over.

Inspired Saved By Love Art Print!!!!

This is a print I created in Photoshop from a picture I took last June of the Swiss Alps.
Romans 1:18-21 states, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” What I hear from this is that we cannot claim there is no God. The evidence to the contrary surrounds us, and it is our responsibility to see it. God’s power was impossible not to see in this place, but it is everywhere in my day to day life when I consciously see the beauty that is to be found.

New INSPIRED Saved By Love Art Print…

I love this prayer. Remembering that this moment is exactly what it is supposed to be brings sweet calmness. Away for a weekend retreat. More next week. Love your life!

Ink Distressed Trinket Box & a First Time Clay Baker…

I have been at it again. My new obsession is distressed trinket boxes. And Matte Gel medium (where I would normally use Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the boxes). It is thick and doesn’t run, no air bubbles, and seamless adhesion. Box and paper become one. OK. Moving on. This box started out unfinished from Hobby Lobby. I painted the drawers with graphite spray paint, the frame with adirondack dauber acrylic. Cut paper to fit, and adhered with the gel.

The most exciting part for me… I made the knobs out of polymer clay from Sculpey. This was completely unexplored terrain for me. Me and clay… our first encounter. I baked my own round knobs. I feel really cool about now – sad, I know. Trying a new creative medium and loving the outcome… BLISS.
I wonder where my clay play will take me. Any suggestions? I foresee a you tube tutorial scavenge in my near future.

Art Inspired By How AWESOME God is… And my process shared!

This is a piece I did after the realization of Christ’s love for me, with all of its implications, reached my heart. I don’t know how to explain it. I later learned it was all about the Holy Spirit doing it’s thing, opening my eyes. If it has happened to you, you know what I am talking about. A moment of grace and love so amazing that your life is never the same.
What can I offer in return for this? Nothing. But I will vigilantly give what I have, to the best of my lil’ human ability. To God be the glory!
Here is the original sketch done in pencil, which I scanned into my computer.
Simple, I know. I carry a notebook and pencil everywhere, and when I get inspired, I put it to paper. Sometimes, I find the outcome something I want to play with in the all powerful photoshop.
Just a glimpse into how it works. Thanks for looking. Be love!

Framed Scrapbook Paper


This is a frugal minded crafter’s ideal project. Garage sale frame. Scrapbook paper cross background. I used cricut with markers to draw the “Love is Now”. I also used embossing powder for the border grunginess. For one of the hearts I used gold leaf sheets, for the other, red sparkly embossing powder by ZING.
The only chance I have at being a source of love is in the present moment. Love is now…

Nuther Scrapbook Paper Decorated Wooden Box: Distressed with Ranger Inks…



Again, with the matte gel medium. Love that stuff. For the knob on this one, I inked a wooden bead with eggplant adirondack ink pad, then embossed with the same color powder. The gold sides are also done with gold embossing powder. The purple inside is acrylic paint with perfect pearls and a splash of water.