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Embellished Box Using Scrapbook Paper

FaithActiveThis one is my favorites. I just sold it with mixed feelings, but I can make one for my nightstand later.

People are lovin’ the goods. Wish I had made more. That is a pretty good problem to have, though. Next time!
I photographed all of my handiwork before bringing it to the convention. Thought I would post pics while resting in room. But, alas, I forgot my camera cord. You’ll have to check back to see…

Decorate Box With Scrapbook Paper and Embellishments

Barb'sboxThis is Barb’s box. I can’t take credit. I loved watching her do this. She came over for craft day looking rather skeptical. After observing others curiously, she suddenly jumped in and confidently crafted this beauty for her daughter.

Can’t wait to post all I have been working on. Soon as I get done working on it!

Scrapbook Paper and Embellishments Decorate Box

SiverTriangleBoxMore boxes. This one I spray painted silver and decorated with my scrapbook supply stash.

The circle triangle is the AA symbol. A perfect little token storage box!

Fabric covered box with embellishments…

Be love box, perfect for any spot that needs some joy.

I got a set of 3 cardboard boxes of varying size at Joanne Fabrics. Painted it my favorite… ORANGE. Adhered a fabric square to the top using mod podge and stuck a flower/brad/tag combo on top. This was my second use of my new cricut. That thing is unbelievable. I have slacked on blogging since getting it. I will catch up now. With what, I am not sure. But I will.

Decorate Box With Scrapbook Paper and Embellishments

Hope1I am obsessed with boxes, papers and embellishments these days. This project was cheap, easy, and quick. Love that.

I got the box at the Christmas Tree Store. I liked it because of the old newspaper print covering the sides and inside.
I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the lid, ran it through my sticker maker and stuck it on top, over the paper already decorating the box. Aside from this, I didn’t have to cover since I liked the original paper covering.
I cut out the “hope” from white cardstock using my cricut. Added some embellishments and that be all folks…